View Full Version : Velvia 100 in 8x10 to be Available in U.S.

Eric Leppanen
7-Feb-2006, 14:40
As part of our successful effort to special order Velvia 100 in 8x10 through Samy's Pasadena office (see www.largeformatphotography.info/lfforum/topic/504775.html (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/lfforum/topic/504775.html)), Fuji USA has agreed to stock Velvia 100 in 8x10 in the U.S. on a trial basis. Fuji USA will initially stock fifty 10-sheet boxes (available to any dealer for purchase), and will see how demand goes before ordering any more. These boxes are expected to become available within 90 days.

Hopefully this special order will result in Fuji USA permanently stocking 8x10 Velvia 100. So be sure to order some when the need arises, so we can keep this excellent film available for our beloved preoccupation!

Mark Stahlke
7-Feb-2006, 15:36
Thanks for the good news Eric. I wanted to participate in the group buy but the timing didn't work for me. I just don't have the money for it right now. In a couple of months I will. I expect I'll be buying several of the initial fifty boxes.


7-Feb-2006, 16:03
Eric and others, nice work.....

On the other hand, its hard to beleive film sales are so low that a Corporate Giant like Fuji has such tight controls..... they will be monitoring $1500 worth of inventoried film for USA? Truly remarkable...

Brian Vuillemenot
7-Feb-2006, 16:48
I'd like to buy a few boxes when it's available, so please keep us posted!

Steve Hamley
7-Feb-2006, 17:16
I'd do a box or two.


Bob Fowler
7-Feb-2006, 17:31
I'd do a box or two as well!

Tim Hyde
7-Feb-2006, 23:03
Does this mean we might expect 5x7 sometime in the future, or is that suspending disbelief?

Eric Leppanen
11-Feb-2006, 10:01

Fuji USA required a one hundred box minimum (ten sheets per box) for the 8x10 order, a retail value of around $10K. This seems fairly consistent with the other special order requirements I have heard about recently (Kodak and Ilford ULF B&W film, etc.). So I would imagine they would require a similarly sized order for 5x7 Velvia 100. However, I believe Badger Graphic imports 5x7 Provia 100F directly from Japan, no? Maybe they can do the same for Velvia 100?

Megaperls lists 5x7 Velvia 100 for 13,090 yen (roughly $111 USD) for a 20-sheet box, see www.unicircuits.com/shop/index.php?cPath=25&osCsid=34fcd282056f4d9fe22a90ce436ea95b (http://www.unicircuits.com/shop/index.php?cPath=25&osCsid=34fcd282056f4d9fe22a90ce436ea95b). I personally have no experience with them.

Diane Maher
11-Feb-2006, 11:44
I just purchased two boxes of 8x10 Fuji Acros from the Megaperls website and was satisfied with the service. The film was received promptly and I would buy from them again.

Eric Leppanen
26-May-2006, 15:57
I just checked with Cynthia at Samy's Pasadena store, and our order for Velvia 100 8x10 has finally arrived! I presume Fujifilm USA's stocking order has also arrived, so hopefully any Fujifilm USA dealer should now be able to order and obtain this film.

Now we need to just keep using this stuff so Fuji will continue to maintain supply.

Long live 8x10 color film!

26-May-2006, 17:46
Hi Eric,

Great news... thanks! :)

I usually order my Fuji film through Jeff at Badger Graphics. So, I'll give him a call and order a couple of boxes.

Getting more Fuji varieties in 5x7 would also be nice! At present, I've a few boxes of Provia in the freezer. Not nearly as much as I'd like! :)


Michael Graves
26-May-2006, 18:21
Forgive me if this was covered earlier, but who processes this film should I pick up a box or two. I'm not willing to tackle color processing right now.

Chris Strobel
26-May-2006, 18:29
Michael, its standard E6 processing.

Forgive me if this was covered earlier, but who processes this film should I pick up a box or two. I'm not willing to tackle color processing right now.

Ted Harris
26-May-2006, 19:05
To answer Tim's question the answer at the moment, unfortunately, is absolutely not. We tried to work the same 100 box deal through Samy's for 5x7 with no success. I have also tried a silimlar tack bring it through Hawaii. It seems it is internal company politics> I hope to find out more in face-to-face discussions with Fuji US folks at the View Camera Conference. However, if what I have understood for the past 3-4 years is still true I don't have high hopes. As you know, I buy mine in 13x18 from Europe.

David A. Goldfarb
26-May-2006, 19:06
Forgive me if this was covered earlier, but who processes this film should I pick up a box or two. I'm not willing to tackle color processing right now.

In New York these days I like Duggal for E6 sheet film. They seem to do enough volume of it to produce consistent results.