View Full Version : Color compensating filters for shade

Ron Marshall
6-Feb-2006, 21:20
I will be shooting portraits in the shade with Fuji Astia at sealevel and at 4000ft. I don't own a colormeter, but I plan to use approximate filtration then correct in Photoshop.

Without a colormeter to judge, what filters would give me approximately natural skintones in each of these situations?

Mike Boden
6-Feb-2006, 22:04
What about simply foregoing the CC filters and do all your correction in Photoshop if you're going to end up there anyways?

John Berry ( Roadkill )
6-Feb-2006, 23:50
Second what Mike said.

Ralph Barker
6-Feb-2006, 23:54
CC for shade is tough to guess, as you'll have both extra blue from the sky plus whatever colors might be reflectd from the surrounding area (buildings, foliage, etc.). Thus, you might consider the use of supplemental lighting from portable flash units, potentially modified by diffusion panels, soft boxes, etc. That would minimize odd color corrections in post-processing.