View Full Version : Freestyle Arista EDU high B+F?

ronald lamarsh
6-Feb-2006, 18:07
The B+F on my Arista EDU 400 film seems inordinately high. I am developing in rodinal 25:1 nno light leaks in the darkroom etc. and have developed FP4 in the same session with no problems. Has anyone out there experienced high B+F (.20) with this film?

Keith Fleming
6-Feb-2006, 21:56
I had a similar problem with that film. In my case, it turned out that the film was being fogged by my old Zone VI compensating developing timer. It has red LEDs and a switch for making the numbers dimmer when developing film and brighter when developing paper. Either the dimmed numbers have gotten brighter with age or the film is very sensitive to that particular color of light. My solution was to tape several layers of the fogged film as a neutral density filter over the LEDs. Now I can barely see the timer's numbers in the dark, but the fogging problem seems to be fixed.