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24-Feb-2000, 19:53
I want to get an Ektar 203mm lens.And i found two,one in graphic synchro-compur, the other in supermatic.Is there any preference one over another?More importantl y,i want to use it on my Arca,what size of lens board should I get?Thanks.

Robert White
25-Feb-2000, 10:42
Hi : The Synchro compur is the more preferable as you can still get them repaired , relatively easily. To determine whether it is an 0 or 1 size , measure the diameter of the locking thread and if it is 1.36 inch it is an 0 if it is 1.64 inch it is a 1. Yours Robert White

Mark Schumann
26-Feb-2000, 08:20
I'm no expert, but somewhere I have read that the Kodak Supermatic shutter is a very good shutter. If my memory is correct, it may been have recommend over all other shutters. As far as getting it repaired, that I don't know about. The Ektar 203 is a very tiny lens. I would like to get one myself.