View Full Version : Free old lenses.

Donald Brewster
6-Feb-2006, 08:15
These two lenses came with an 11x14 camera I recently purchased. Obviously the lenses don't cover the format. So, I will offer gratis to anyone who would like to use them. Both likely need a good CLA. Two lenses -- only one per customer. Let me know which one you want. More or less first come first serve, though I can be swayed by a good story -- but nobody is required to beg or come up with a story ("I want" is fine). My only requirement is that you plan to use them and to not resell on Ebay next month. The lenses are:

65mm f/6.8 Wollensak Wide Angle Raptar in Alphax (without retaining ring). Covers 2x3.

135mm f/6.3 Voigtlander Anastigmat Voigtar in Ibsor (with retaining ring). Probably a 4x5 lens.

Let me know which one you want by private email, and I'll let you know.

Donald Brewster
6-Feb-2006, 10:25
The lenses have been spoken for. Thanks.

Donald Brewster
6-Feb-2006, 10:48
I guess I should also disclose that Michael Meyer will be the recipient of the 65mm Wolly, and Ted Harris will receive the 135mm Voigtar. Both were the first to respond to the post. I hope I'll be able to do this again from time to time. Thanks to everyone who responded.

Eric Biggerstaff
6-Feb-2006, 11:07

Thanks for being so generous, sorry I missed that 135mm!

Have a great one.