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Bob Oehler
6-Feb-2006, 08:13
Hi All
I'm new to this forum and have been out of taking pic's for a few years. When I went up to my photo supply store that sold 4x5 sheet film thay were a day care center :-( .

I have toyed with the idea of trying the Efke/Adox asa 25 film that J&C sells but I need to know what expirances people have had and what developer seems to work well with it.

I know that this is a real vague/general question and there are a great deal of variables to using any film, but I am just looking for some basic insight into the over all quality of the film and how it reacts to different developers.

I had been shooting Agfa B&W film and using Rodinol.

Thanks in Advance
Take Care
Bob Oehler

Andrew O'Neill
6-Feb-2006, 08:23
Efke 25 is a very nice film. Just handle it with care as it scratches easily. It responds slightly differently to filters as I am used to, so you will have to experiment a bit. It's also right up there with Tmax 400 in regards to reciprocity compensation. Doesn't need very much. It develops very nicely in Xtol 1+1 and pyrocat-HD (the only developers I use). I use it at EI 12.
There are quite a few folks on this forum who use this film. I sure they will chime in very shortly.

Aaron van de Sande
6-Feb-2006, 08:42
I shoot it @25 and develop in 1:100 rodinal using semi-stand. Negatives (almost)always print well on grade 2 or 3.

6-Feb-2006, 09:04
I shoot it at ISO=25, develop in Rodinal 1+50. You need to use really sharp lenses with it, as it will emphasize any fault. Those who've tried PMK say that it's a combination made in heaven.

Paul H
6-Feb-2006, 09:10

I use it in 120 and 9x12cm size, and really like the film. I expose it at EI 25 & develop it in Rodinal 1+100. I have also shot a couple of sheets at EI100 (forgot to reset the meter!), but just extended the development time a bit and the results were fine.

Bob Oehler
6-Feb-2006, 09:13
can you tell me what PMK is??
If it is made in heven I should know more m:-)

Bob Oehler

Marco Annaratone
6-Feb-2006, 09:31
Lovely film. I use it @ 25ASA and develop it with Xtol 1+1. It also scans very, very well. But as already said above it does scratch easily. Handle it with care.

Ted Harris
6-Feb-2006, 10:02
I have been using it in its current and eariler incarnations (Adox KB14) for some 35 years. A great film. I have always souped it in Rodinal. I ahve used 1:100 in the past but now use 1:50.

Kirk Gittings
6-Feb-2006, 10:46
Bob, PMK is Gordon Hutchings' pyro formula. I believe it can be gotten from Photographers Formulary or mixed yourself. Check out Gordons book "THe Book of Pyro".

Bob Oehler
6-Feb-2006, 13:12
Thanks so much for the input

Looks like I am going to order in a box and give it a test drive.

Take care
and Many Thanks
Bob Oehler

steve simmons
6-Feb-2006, 14:14
If you are new to large format may I suggest reading one or all of the following

Using the View Camera, User's Guide to the View Camera or/and Large Format Nature Photography

also, some/all of the Free Articles on our web site


I would suggest trying Ilfor's FP4+. It is a terrific film and does well in PMK.

steve simmons

Bob Oehler
7-Feb-2006, 11:02
I used to shool FP4 years ago in 35mm bulk load and I loved it. I do not remember what developer I used but I do remember It was a Edwall product in liquid concentrate form.

Do you mix up your own PMK of by the kits that are avial to make the Part A and Part B??

Well take care
Bob Oehler

steve simmons
7-Feb-2006, 12:51
I get the A and B solutions in liquid from Bostick and Sullivan in Santa Fe.

In my experience FP4+ is the best 100 speed film currently available. I also like and use Tri-X in PMK.

I would recommend getting a copy of The Book of Pyro by Gordon Hutchings. Both B&S and PF have copies.

good luck

steve simmons