View Full Version : JOBO Color Analyzer Question

Stephen Willard
6-Feb-2006, 06:44
Can anybody tell me what the difference are between the JOBO ColorStar analyzers and the JOBO ColorLine analyzers?

Thanks for any considerations.

6-Feb-2006, 09:31
The Jobo Colorstar 3000 is the Lici Colorstar 3000. It was sold by Jobo up to the late 1990s I think. At that point Jobo came out with the Colorline and Omega started handling the Colorstar in the US. When Jobo USA stopped handling Jobo equipment Omega started handling both lines. The Jobo website used to have a page describing the differences. I don't know if the new Omega Jobo website now hosts the site.

6-Feb-2006, 09:34

Stephen Willard
6-Feb-2006, 20:08
Thanks Nick for comments. It is very much appreciated.