View Full Version : Kodak 10 Sheet Film Boxes

Michael Kadillak
5-Feb-2006, 14:01
For those of you acquiring TMY or Tri X Kodak film in 10 sheet boxes, Clay Harmon confirmed that we can anticipate reducing the packaged volume by 50% by putting two of the black plastic film envelopes into one box.

Just thought I would pass this information along.


Jimmy Peguet
5-Feb-2006, 15:11
Thank you Michael, that's better and that's also a good thing for us overseas customers to reduce weight and shipping.


Michael Kadillak
5-Feb-2006, 16:35
Just to clarify the situation. The sheet film boxes will come from Kodak with 10 sheets in them. A darkroom will be necessary to safely make the transfer and double up on the number of sheets per box.

I do not believe that J&C or any other re-seller will want to break the Kodak factory seal to reduce the packaging size and weight (the extra boxes) to the consumers because of the obvious risk. As a result, you will need to perform this transfer when you receive the product. The benefits are a smaller total volume for storage.


Jimmy Peguet
6-Feb-2006, 00:45
I've just read Clay's answer on APUG. I confess I was a bit surprised reading you to imagine that J&C or other would be kind enough to repackage the film, it was just a dream :-) I guess they think at Kodak it will be easier to sell these expensive films in 10 sheet boxes. But for me, living in France, shipping and taxes should be more expensive.