View Full Version : Artifact identification

2-May-2021, 14:44
Just finished a very productive weekend of plates about 20 over two days. The last however is riddled with artifacts. I知 mainly concerned about the veil along the right and lower border. I think it may be due to the plate drying. Do you think it is from a plate that dried out? Could I have fixed it with a few drops of silver nitrate solution before development?
I have begun to sun my bath and will double filter it and I値l restore the specific gravity. I need to add about about 50 ml as well.
Thanks for the help. 215484

Mark Sawyer
2-May-2021, 15:55
My guess is that your collodion was just a bit thin and your pour-and-drain too fast, and most of your collodion drained off from those two edges. Note that you drained to the opposite corner, as shown by the little blue uncleared bead that was the drain point. That's a danger as your technique improves and you can do a quick pour-and-drain. Let it set up a few seconds longer before draining.