View Full Version : Can I set a shutter speed in between the numbers?

4-Feb-2006, 17:44
Sometimes the exposure I calculate for an image has a shutter speed in between the numbered selections on my shutters. For example 1/10 of a second might be my calculated shutter speed but my shutter only has 1/8 or 1/15. Can I put the arrow selecting the shutter speed in between those numbers?

Scott Rosenberg
4-Feb-2006, 17:46
i generally make fine adjustments like that using the aperature setting. set the shutter to the closest, and then add a little or take a little back with the aperature.

tim atherton
4-Feb-2006, 18:00
I don't think most shutters are accurate in that way? Also on Copal shutters there are two shutter sppeds where, if you set between them (or are accidentally slightly off on one) it fires at something like 1 sec instead of 1/30th or whatever it is

Kevin Crisp
4-Feb-2006, 18:01
Chris: This works with some shutters and not others. What shutter are you working with? Why not just make a slight change to the aperture and not worry about it?

4-Feb-2006, 21:24
if the shutter is a betax shutter, not one with indents or click stops or a dial like a copal shutter &c, you can set inbetween speeds. i have a few betax shutters and luv'em for that.

5-Feb-2006, 11:21
I will just change the aperture a third of a stop or so. Thanks for the help.

Brian Ellis
5-Feb-2006, 21:51
There are so many variables involved, and film is sufficiently forgiving, that the difference between 1/8 and 1/10 isn't going to make any difference to anything and isn't worth worrying about IMHO. Even the difference between 1/8 and 1/15 will seldom matter, especially with negative film.

John Z.
6-Feb-2006, 10:26
I was always told that for ILEX shutter, if you set the dial between two shutter speeds, you got either one or the other (unpredictably), but not an in between speed. Best to use the aperture settings to fine tune your exposures.

8-Feb-2006, 00:15
I don't have the type of shutter that also setting in between the numbers I guess. I will just stick with changing the f stop. Thanks for all the good info.

William Mortensen
8-Feb-2006, 15:56
Bear in mind that even good, modern shutters are often off by 20-30% or more.