View Full Version : 4x5 Linhof Super Tech V

Shinji Ono
4-Jan-2000, 23:16
I am interested in 4x5 Linhof Super Tech V. I know there are former version and later version of them. But I don't know the differences. If someone knows the differences, please explain as detailed as possible.

Bob Salomon
5-Jan-2000, 07:59
The V is a specific model. It replaced the IV in the 60s nd was replaced by the Master in 1976 (4x5 model).

What do you specifically want to know?

1-Mar-2000, 02:04
Try www.cameraquest.com for review of Super Technika cameras. Another good sourc e is the "google" search engine, Use the words "Linhof Technika" or "Super Techn ika."

Paul Schilliger
1-Mar-2000, 05:04
If you have an opportunity to see the latest Master Technika, the Tech V differs mainly by the lack of the top case opening that allows more shift with the 90 mm. The Master is black and the V was beige. a few knobs are different on the Master (lens rise lever, back opening) but operation is similar. The Tech V was made in 6x9 and 10x12 versions.