View Full Version : Any feedback on Fatif 4x5?

Joel Collins
24-Feb-2000, 16:28
I saw a used Fatif 4x5 camera in the local photo shop the other day. They're ma de in Italy. Anyone have one of these? They do have a web page (http://www.fat if.com) with a few photos of their products, but not much detail. If you do hav e one, what is the shortest lens that you can use? It seemed that the big suppo rts for the standards hit the big support for the rail before you get close enou gh for a wide angle like a 90mm. Also, is it easy to find accessories like lens boards, bag bellows, etc? Is there a dealer in the US? Thanks for the info.

Robert White
25-Feb-2000, 10:52
Joel, We have had some s/h in the past,there are various models, the last ones we saw were the Ds2 with geared rise on both front and rear standards, Axis and Base tilts and a less expensive "Standard" which only had Axis tilts . 90mm is about the widest you can go, they do make a wide angle bellows (code 37) and a recessed board (code 34) I hope this helps. Robert