View Full Version : what type of head to use

Masayoshi Hayashi
3-Apr-1998, 18:30
I'm going to start LF after just only 2 month experience in 35mm. I actually ask ed a question "LF camera for architechture/landscape" in photo.net Q&A. Sinar X and Technikardan seem to be the way to go. I am wondering if I should keep my ki rk ball head BH-1 and Bogen 3021 for either of the camera. Sinar X is heavy so B ogen 3021 may be inadequet. Or I don't need a ball head?? If you have any sugges tion about LF camera, tripod, and ball head, etc, please let me know because the re are so many models. I do not care so much to pay for the quality as long as I 'm happy with the equipment. I also want to be a pro. I don't want to consider u pgrading. So please consider these to recommend equipment. Thanks in advance for your input. Masayoshi

Rob "John Henry" Rothman
6-Apr-1998, 10:13
The question of what type of head to use is largely a matter of personal prefere nce. I've seen many fine photographers who use a ball head. However, my own fe eling is that I have greater compositional control when I can adjust each axis o f movement separately--which means a pan-tilt (3-way) head. Since you already h ave a ball head, why not try it for a while before investing in something else. You'll know soon enough whether you like it, or whether you wish you could adju st one axis without affecting the others.