View Full Version : Well??? Is the TMAX ULF order going to happen?

Michael Mutmansky
31-Jan-2006, 09:01
Apparently, the deadline for the TMAX order was yesterday.

I'm wondering, as are many others I'm sure, whether the large hold on my credit card will be exercised or not. An update of the status of the special order would be appreciated.

This is especially important for people who may wish to make an order with an Ilford dealer if the TMAX order doesn't come through (thanks to Ilford for listening to the ULF photographers in this respect). So, Michael K. or J&C, what's the word?


Michael Kadillak
31-Jan-2006, 11:52
Today is the last day to order TMY and John is out of town (back this evening) so in the interest of maintaining a high level of communications with our target audience I will respond.

John will make a formal announcement ASAP - but probably late this week to accomodate the Feb 6th Ilford deadline. We need to share the order data with Kodak and put the final contractual details to bed. With any first deal this unique, we are making sure that we put down a solid business foundation to (hopefully) replicate it at optimal intervals with a minimum of effort. Three business days between the two offerings is not much time but we will make it work and thank you all for your patience. Until John is holding a signed purchase order in his hands from Kodak I withhold a very modest amount of reservation, but at this juncture things look very good. Stay tuned.

I want to personally thank everyone for stepping up to the task at hand and demonstrating their support for TMY!

Good Shooting!

Michael Mutmansky
31-Jan-2006, 12:36

According to the J&C website, yesterday was the deadline.

I guess I need to rephrase the question in an attempt to get a direct answer. Did J&C get enough orders to actually commit to making an order with Kodak?


Michael Kadillak
31-Jan-2006, 12:55

To answer your question directly, yes. J&C did receive enough support to make a go of it.

But I hope that you understand that we need the formal documentation signed by Kodak to be able to make a formal announcement.


Rick Olson
31-Jan-2006, 21:40
Michael K.

That's great news. Getting the 5 x 7 fired up and awaiting my TMY film for some Spring shooting.


Michael Kadillak
31-Jan-2006, 21:54
Thanks Rick

Everyone can keep an eye on the forum as John and I will post the remaining details and time lines here and at APUG shortly.


Michael Kadillak
1-Feb-2006, 09:31
John indicated to me that he will make his announcement by the end of today 2/1/2006.