View Full Version : Caps for Copal/Compur/Seiko Shutter 0 and 1

3-Mar-2021, 21:10

Its only the front cap. he is willing to produce the rear one also. and both for Copal 0. if needed also C3 C3s.
Inform him so he can program production. very riliable producer. surf his shop. we made some special adapters. he is in bielarus.
are these caps already available elsewhere?

4-Mar-2021, 13:43
Interesting, but I'm not seeing much need to put a cap on a bare shutter, I guess it might make sense if you front-mounted a lens or rear-mounted it (only).

4-Mar-2021, 14:44
Nice for protection of shutter blades & aperture while in transit for a CLA, or for dust protection while in storage.

John Layton
5-Mar-2021, 03:59
Ziplocked, padded, placed in a small box works fine...but there are actually times when I'll change out shutters in the field, to press type for multi, variable long exposure takes - and for this I could definitely see having such caps. Would still ziplock it though!

5-Mar-2021, 16:19


21-Mar-2021, 17:11
Hope i am right here. Its not me but Raf from Bielarus. He just has finished the remaining caps which i suggested him to add to the Copal 1-front-cap.

Copal 1 Caps

Copal 0 Caps

of course also matching Seiko and Compur(pls correct me if wrong)
at least Seiko 0 = Copal 0 mount-wise.

They have some very special adapters. you will be surprised. Prices affordable.

Oren Grad
21-Mar-2021, 17:35
I've merged the threads and moved to "New Products".