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brian steinberger
29-Jan-2006, 22:00
I'm shooting FP4 and HP5. I shoot alot of landscape and rustic arcitecture. I would like a high acutance, and high edge-effect developer. I was wondering if anyone has had any luck with these Ilford films in either D-76 diluted 1:3 or HC-110 at dilution B or higher, or if anyone knows which one would produce more acutance and edge-effect. I'd like to maintain as much film speed as possible. I'm developing in tanks with hangers, agitating for the first 30 sec. with agitation at 1 min. intervals, and print no larger than 16x20 with dichro head. Thanks


Paul Moshay
30-Jan-2006, 01:14
Try Pyro PMK with the HP5 film, the best acutance and edge effects ever, full film speed and it doesn't block up. A PITA to develop in trays but you will get what you are looking for. Works for me!

ronald moravec
30-Jan-2006, 05:02
D76 1:3 will be sharper than HC 110 B and require about 3 times the development time. I used to use 1:3 with Delta 100 and it produces copious amounts of small sharp grain. The image is very sharp and similar to Rodinal. Even diluted more than B, HC 110 does not generate the small sharp grain and image sharpness of D76 1:3.

Pmk works better in a closed Nikor tank compared to any process where it is allowed contact with air. It does not oxidise and comes out looking just like it went in and you can do 12 sheets at a time. PMK with any Ilford film is a nice combination.

30-Jan-2006, 07:53

Can you give us a bit more info on the PMK and either FP4/HP5 wrt development times?

Thanks in advance.


ronald moravec
30-Jan-2006, 08:42
No times here at work. Check later.

I went back to D76 after two failures with P.F. kit. The home mixed kit from powder worked for years without a hitch. It was a new kit used once, but was on the shelf for a year. Worked for the first batch, but the second was a total loss. Others have had similar problems.

I mix my own D76 from purchased chems and therefore know how old everything is.

The times in Gordon`s Hutchings book are very close. Open trays with a single sheet gives even and smooth results. In a word, tedious but with perfect results.

You will need 16 oz liquid in a 8x10 tray with one sheet of 4x5. lift and lower alturnating sides each 15 sec so you do one rotation of 4 sides per minute. Raise the edge 1 inch and lower fast.
This works with any developer I have found. Emulsion side up. As smooth and even as a Jobo expert drum.

I went to the Nikor tank and got evenly developed negs with about 2/3 the time as in open trays.

brian steinberger
30-Jan-2006, 09:01
Where can I find times for the Ilford films with D-76 diluted 1:3? Everything is for stright stock or 1:1.

Ken Lee
30-Jan-2006, 09:03
Many have used Pyrocat HD with those films, and consider them an excellent option. You can find recommended times and further discussion at www.unblinkingeye.com (http://www.unblinkingeye.com" target="_blank).

Chris Gittins
30-Jan-2006, 19:18
HP5 in D-76 1:3 was my standard combo for several years. I have no experience with HC-110 but I'd call D-76 1:3 high acutance. If memory serves, normal developing time was about 11 minutes for printing on MGIV with a #2-1/2 filter. I think I rated it at 250 or 320.

I did some FP-4 in D-76 1:3 too. I think normal was down around 9:30 for FP-4 (EI=100).


30-Jan-2006, 19:33

sorry but can you describe this nikor tanks?


John Berry ( Roadkill )
30-Jan-2006, 21:44
Another vote for pyrocat-hd.