View Full Version : Shutter Accuracy After CLA?

Michael Heald
29-Jan-2006, 08:08
Hello! I just received my Ilex #3 back after a CLA. The 1 sec and 1/2 sec exposures were significantly short. After CLA, the longer exposures are fine. However, the test shutter speed sheet that came with the shutter shows that the 1/50sec setting = 1/25, 1/100 = 1/50, and 1/150 = 1/100. Basically, the 1/25 and 1/50 sec settings on the shutter are the same in actual practice - 1/25 sec.

Is this what I should expect after a CLA for an older shutter, or could the shutter be adjusted more? Thank you and best regards.


Juergen Sattler
29-Jan-2006, 08:14
Hi Mike,

this is consistent with the results I had with CLAs. It seems that these old shutters can only be tweaked so much. I believe it is more important to have the slower speeds accurate, than the 1/50 and above - can't remember the last time I used any of the faster speeds on a LF camera:-)

Joseph O'Neil
29-Jan-2006, 09:11
I've had much the same thing after a CLA on any of my old shutters. IMO, what is more important is consistancy. for example, if for the next 100 or even 1,000 shots (we can be optimistic, eh? :) your 1/50th always = 1/25th each and every time you use it, then great, go with it.

I use to write down on a small card (business card size) and carry in my backpack the real speeds for my older lenses after CLA, but i have found that if you use that same lens enough times, you almost come to memorzie the real speeds.

Also, for what it is worth, some older shutters seem to stand up better than others. personally, I have had great luck with older ilex shutters - they seem to be built like a tank, and hold up well. Your milage may vary.


Jason Greenberg Motamedi
29-Jan-2006, 09:38

One of the great things about Ilex shutters is that they can be set at intermediate speeds. So, if you have a shutter tester (Calumet sells one for ~$100) or access to one, you can mark the speeds you want. So, on my Ilexes (Betaxes and Compounds too, but not Copals or Compur) I would put down a piece of tape and, using the shutter tester, mark my speeds. Now I have been told that Ilexes aren't very accurate, but I have never had a problem after marking them.