View Full Version : 240mm on Horseman HD?

28-Jan-2006, 23:20
Hello, I just purchased a complete LF outfit, including Horseman HD, 80mm and 150mm lens. I'l like to add one semi-long lens, preferably a 240mm. Can I use this on the HD, or will I need the extended lens panel? Sorry if this has been answered but looking through the archives I couldn't find anything that was totally clear on this issue. Also, any recommendations for a lens?

Oren Grad
29-Jan-2006, 00:18
Eric, you can see the specs here:

www.horsemanusa.com/pd_tc.html (http://www.horsemanusa.com/pd_tc.html)

Horseman says the HD will give you a maximum extension of 249mm, which would make a 240 a very tight fit without the extended panel. Even with the extended panel, you'll be somewhat constrained

As for which lens, Horseman provides a nice table that shows which modern lenses will fit at all, and for those that will fit, which lensboard you need:

www.horsemanusa.com/lens_list.html (http://www.horsemanusa.com/lens_list.html)

Bob Eskridge
29-Jan-2006, 07:16
Extended lensboards are very practical and don't add any or very much bulk to your lensboard/lens package. I have some 41mm extension Copal 1 boards for sale or they are available on e-bay or from Horseman.

Michael Graves
29-Jan-2006, 07:39
Watch the auctions for a 250 Tele-Xenar. They require a much shorter extension for infinity. I forget the exact specs, but it was around 180mm.

29-Jan-2006, 18:39
Thanks Oren, for those links. They are a great resource. That 250 Tele-Xenar looks like a great option, except for the price. I might look for a Fuji 240 as an alternative. Thanks,

Jim Rhoades
29-Jan-2006, 19:42
A standard 240mm lens mounted on a Horseman board with C-1 ring will focus down to about 15 feet. This board is smaller than a telephoto board. The C-1 board is only $10. more than the flat board so is worth it. A tele board is $40. more. However, you cannot fold the camera up with a lens on a C mount board. A Fuji 300mm tele on a flat board will focus to just less than 8 feet. The Fuji's have shorter flange distances than other brand tele's so they are a good choice for the HD.

Being a long time Crown Graphic user I am very happy with my HD. I don't miss and can work around the lack of back movements. The weight and toughness suit my life style.

tor kviljo
30-Jan-2006, 00:43
Horseman manefactured at some time a tele-extender for its view lenses. Robert White of London have one for sale, at least until recently (used or old stock, I belive), and KEH - Atlanta have sometims had these one available at fair prices as well. This one increases FL with little increase in required bellows-draw. Might be a inexpensive solution if You have a lens suited for that converter. The ad on Robert White's pages told that You had to call them to check adaptability.

Jim Rhoades
30-Jan-2006, 07:00
Tor, I had looked into the Horseman extender. As I recall it did cause a full increase in bellows draw. ie. 150mm lens plus 2x = 12" extension. This would cause it not to work on my HD with less than 10" of bellows. I could be wrong, it was a while back. The Fujinon tele's with this camera are sweet.

Sal Santamaura
30-Jan-2006, 08:47
A trip through the archives here would reveal that the Horseman 2X converter plus a 150mm plasmat requires 259mm of extension when focused at infinity.