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Scott Rosenberg
28-Jan-2006, 16:39
good day,

i have recently received unsolicited email that i can only assume came from a user farming this site for email addresses. i find this highly inappropriate and would kindly request of anyone sending out mass emailings to users of this site to please remove me from their mailing address. while i certainly wish everyone, above all the many personalities here in our little section of cyber-space, success beyond their wildest dreams, i do not wish to receive spam from them. filtering the signal from the noise in my inbox is a huge challenge for me - please don't make it any more difficult. if you have something to announce, do it on the forum and spare my inbox.

kind regards,
scott at srosenberg dot com

Kirk Gittings
28-Jan-2006, 18:05
Scott, I think you are refering to me. Sorry. You would only show up in my email list if we had corresponded at some point. My email program automatically ads to my address book anyone I reply to. I can't remember what the exchange would have been about, but it must have taken place. I will take you off immediately.

Kirk Gittings
28-Jan-2006, 18:12
Actually I can find 7 email exchanges between us.

Scott Rosenberg
28-Jan-2006, 19:00

i appreciate offline correspondence with all the wonderful folks on this forum when it is solicited. my problem is that i am having a terrible problem filtering real email from spam lately which has resulted in missing several important emails. as such, i am doing everything i can manage my inbox, including asking my family and friends to refrain from sending me forwarded messages.

i mean no offense to anyone on the forum and hope no one takes umbrage by my request. i am simply trying to do what i can to manage the 100+ spam emails i receive every day.

kind regards,

Emre Yildirim
29-Jan-2006, 04:38

What kind of email client do you use? If you are using a real e-mail client (as opposed to webmail), I'd recommend that you download Thunderbird:


It's free of cost and has intelligent junk mail filters that "learn" when you mark messages as spam. The more you help it identify spam, the more accurate they become in detecting and flagging messages as junk mail. I've used Microsoft Outlook for a while as my mail client, and usually got around 80 messages of junk mail per day. After switching to Thunderbird I still get that same amount - but 98% of it is flagged as junk mail and goes straight into my "Junk" folder, and I never see it in my Inbox.

Allen Quinn
29-Jan-2006, 09:30
I agree with Emre. Thunderbird makes email life much easier. It takes a few days for TB to "learn" which messages are junk but afterwards gets it right 98% of the time.

Scott Rosenberg
30-Jan-2006, 15:14
thanks for the suggestions, fellas. i use thunderbird and popfile, but find that i still must go through my spam box to ensure there are no false positives, as i will occasionally find a legitimate email that was classified as spam. so, i try to limit the incoming as best i can where i can manage it.