View Full Version : Quality Control, Schneider XL Lenses, Input Please

Andre Noble
26-Jan-2006, 13:40
I am considering entering the Schneider XL lens club (Possibly the 90 Xl or 110XL). But I want to know from people who have recently purchased brand new schneider lenses for Bagdre Graphic or B&H, if you had any problems such as sub-par resolution, internal dust, or fungus issues, etc.

Thanks in advance for any input

Leonard Evens
26-Jan-2006, 14:02
Some lenses sold in the US are "gray market". That means that while the warranty applies, you can't go through the US agent to get service for the lens; you have to send the lens directly to the manufacturer. That is often reflected in the price. Having said that, let me say that I've purchased 4 lenses from Badger Graphics, and I've never had a problem with any of them. They weren't Schneider lenses, but I doubt if that makes a difference. I'm sure they would allow you to return a lens (within a reasonable period of time) if there were something seriously wrong with it. But keep in mind that if you look hard enough you are going to certainly find problems with almost any lens.

Ron Marshall
26-Jan-2006, 14:15
I recently purchased a new Fuji lens from Badger. It was perfect as were the other items that I have purchased from them.

My impression in dealing with them is that if there ever was a problem with anything they sold, which I doubt, that they would stand behind it.

Brian Ellis
26-Jan-2006, 14:59
I bought the 80mm XL about two years ago, I don't remember from who but it was a U.S. dealer and it wasn't B&H since I don't deal with B&H. It's been a great lens, no problems at all.

Henry Ambrose
26-Jan-2006, 16:52
This is not hard. Buy your new lens from a reputable dealer. If there is something wrong with it they will take it back or exchange it. Call Jim at Midwest and ask him about buying your new lens. Be sure to mention whatever reservations you have about your purchase in advance. You can trust Jim to do right.

Harley Goldman
26-Jan-2006, 17:01
I second the recommendation about Jim at Midwest. He is the best.

That said, I have purchased lenses from Badger. I got the Schneider 80mm XL from Jeff there. I have had numerous problems with it. It has been replaced three times. Last time, I had to wait for a new lens from Germany for about 3 months. Per Jeff, they had problems with the glass they were using. They very recently came up with new glass and a couple of weeks ago, I finally got my replacement lens, appears to be brand new. Have not had a chance to test it, but I would expect it will be fine. For warranty issues, Badger does send the lenses directly to Schneider Germany, or so I was told by Jeff. They will stand behind the product, it just took a while for my replacement to show.

Andre Noble
26-Jan-2006, 19:08
Harley's experience has me concerned. I would hate to put jeff through all that. Rather hassle corporation B&H if I had to send lens back 3 times.

Any one else also notice Christoper Perez lens test shows Schneider lenses with different samples, most recent samples are all mediocre.

I want my 110XL to deliver 70 lpmm, not 40 or 50 as one 110XL Schneider sample did and had to be returned.

still looking at the 150 xl, 90 xl and 110 xl lenses, though.

Henry Ambrose
26-Jan-2006, 21:28
You are over analyzing Perez's tests. There is not a sufficient quantity of samples to draw concrete conclusions as you seem to speculate. His tests do indicate that most LF lenses are good enough and possibly that some individuals tested better than others. But I can't see that any particular brand or vintage is vastly superior - not from his tests. I see stellar performers and some dogs from all major makers represented there. If you are personally going to test your lenses and have the capability to do so then do it! And sell off the ones that don't measure up on eBay. Keep the ones you like.

Stephen Willard
27-Jan-2006, 03:49
I suspect the resolving power of the lens in the center would be much better then at the edges for any lens. I do not know a lot about these lenses you are considering. My understanding of the Schneider XL lenses is they are wide angle lenses with super wide coverage. If that is the case, then it would not surprise me the resolution would not be very good for any manufacture that made such lenses at the edges.

I have the Nikkor 75mm, 90mm, and the 120mm SW lenses. These lenses are razor sharp even at the edges. I have viewed my negs with a 10x loup, and I am amazed how sharp they are. However, the Nikkor lens coverage is not as large as the Schneider XL lenses. Can there be variations between lenses from the same manufacture and same focal length? I suspect that there will be some, but not significant.

B&H allows you an 11 day trial period to test your purchase. Within that time you can return it as long as it is in new condition, and you call before doing so.

Harley Goldman
27-Jan-2006, 15:49

I would bet the house that if you bought the lens from Jeff and had any issues, he would be more than happy to help you. The profit that Jeff must make on the lens will well compensate him if any after-sale service is required.

It really isn't much either. Package it up, send it Germany. Get it back, send it back to you. Not a whole lot of hassle. Supposedly, Schneider has solved the problem that plagued my lenses, so it could well be a non-issue.

28-Jan-2006, 05:14
How do you know if the lens you receive is one of the latest "fixed" models or an earlier version? I doubt you can find out what factory mods have been done and the serial numbers of the lenses the mods started at.

Ling Z
28-Jan-2006, 22:32
I purchased most of my lenses (new or used) from Badgergraphic or Mpex, and their services are excellent. So far only my Schneider 80XL had problem. It was purchased over three years ago from Badger, and started to grow some foggy stuff inside the lens within one and half years. Jeff asked me to send it back, and replaced it with a new one from Schneider. However, the new replaced one started to have the same problem late last year, and now I am waiting for another replacement. Jeff said Schneider is re-manufacturing the whole batch of the 80XL, as it looks like this is a common problem with 80XL.

29-Jan-2006, 19:14
I just bought a Schneider 80XL second hand: originally purchased at Badger a few years ago (it came with the original box. Will any problems be obvious. It *looks* clean peering through the lens. I just got it last night so I suppose I'll see something wrong (or hopefully good) when I try it out tomorrow.

15-Feb-2006, 12:22
I bought a new 80XL in august 2004. Recently I noticed some "fog" inside the lens (+/- 60% of the whole surface). I send it back trough my dealer to Schneider for repair. I'm curios if they'll repair or replace the lens.