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Tin Can
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Tin Can
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Kent in SD

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Bill Rolph
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This is an information site, not a materials supplier.

Tin Can
20-Feb-2021, 06:37

We look forward to his black glass plates soon, which are good for wet plate ambrotype

20-Feb-2021, 14:33

Nodda Duma
20-Feb-2021, 14:42

I wanted to link to his black glass plates which are good for wet plate ambrotype

I ran out so I had to pull the ad until I get another shipment in.

Mike in NY
25-Feb-2021, 20:56
There is an ebay seller (to whom I have no connection) who sells a modern interpretation of historic head braces for wet plate work. They are not the heavy iron stands we might like to have in our studios; instead, they are much lighter in weight and materials. Still, I think he has a rather innovative and potentially useful head brace that is much more affordable than an original or reproduction stand made of iron.

In an effort to comply with this Forum's guidelines, I am not providing a link to a specific ebay auction; instead, I am providing a link to the seller's ebay storefront, just as other posts in this thread contain links to other ecommerce websites. I hope this is viewed as equivalent to the other commercial links provided in this thread, but if the moderators feel that this post is non-compliant, I will obviously respect their opinion if they choose to delete it.

The seller's name is Iscope2011, and his ebay store (not a specific auction) is located at https://www.ebay.com/str/iscope2011?_trksid=p2047675.l2563

He describes his wet plate head braces as follows:

Extendable arm from 90-175cm
All metal parts - well built.
Universal tripod attachment - so it can be attached to almost all tripods - pls note the tripod is NOT included.
To adjust angles use the tripod head.
Not as advanced in features compared to originals (or reproduction models) but the alternate models are USD 600.00 - this version is nowhere near that price.
This is being produced by a small scale company - so although nicely done - it is not commercial.