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ronald lamarsh
26-Jan-2006, 10:02
As I understand it the Arista EDU ultra is actually Foma paper. Has anyone tried this paper yet as I can find very little inoformation on it i.e. cold/nuetral tone. There is one Foma paper out there that J&C sells tha is reported to give greenish shadows and I definitely don't want greenish shadows.

Scott Davis
26-Jan-2006, 10:57
I don't know if the Arista paper is in fact Foma, but I can say that the Foma papers sold under the Foma name by Freestyle are wonderful papers. They're a medium-speed, neutral-to-warm-tone paper, with no greenish tone to the shadows. Greenish shadows are a common problem when developing in Dektol, especially warm-tone papers. If you experience that problem, try either switching paper developers or toning your prints in Selenium or other cold-tone toning bath. That will get rid of the greenish tint.

Sergio Caetano
26-Jan-2006, 15:57
I've made some tests with these papers for someone here in Sao Paulo who is going to import them. I found excellent papers . They were : Fomaspeed SP312 RC Matt, SP311 RC Glossy, N313 RC Lustre.

Kevin M Bourque
27-Jan-2006, 06:35
I spoke to the folks at Freestyle and they verified that edu.Ultra is in fact Foma. There's no non-disclosure arrangement in place like they used to have with Ilford.

Arista II is Kentmere.