View Full Version : Bent shutter blades

24-Feb-2000, 06:01
I have a lens where one of the shutter blades is slightly bent on the tip. The l ens is a 90 mm Angulon sitting in a Compur shutter. The shutter seems to operate well at all speeds. What I wonder is if this can damage the shutter or the glas s itself? (I have no idea if there's any space between the two lens elements) I have not tried to make any adjustments to the shutter, and I am not thinking of it, either. It was something I saw after I had bought the lens. My idea is to se nd this off to a qualified repairman to fix it.

Thanks for any input

Tony Brent
24-Feb-2000, 09:25
Some shutters are made that way. Does it look like a "factory" bend -- nice and sharp, or does it appear to have come from a jam -- other wrinkled areas, etc?

Bob Salomon
24-Feb-2000, 09:33
It's normal for a Compur and prevent the blade from getting out of position when closing.

24-Feb-2000, 09:46
Ok, Bob, that sounds reassuring! (Especially in the light of having a second Compur shutter having the same type of bent blade...) Thank you very much!