View Full Version : Using a Compur #00 shutter

25-Jan-2006, 18:11
I just bought a Schneider Super Angulon 65mm f/8 with a Synchro Compur shutter. It has speeds from 1/500 to 1 sec including B (no T). It also has a little green lever with a V, X, and M setting. I cannot seem to get it to move to the M setting and it will only stay in V if I hold it there.

How do I keep the shutter open for focusing?

25-Jan-2006, 18:22
Also, the shutter seems to sound the same regardless of what speed I have it on.

Louis Jensen
25-Jan-2006, 18:55
You need a shutter release cable that can be locked open. Put the shutter on B, use the cable to trip the shutter and the lock to keep it open. After composing the picture unlock the cable to close the shutter, then set in the shutter speed you need and take the picture. I have the green button on M. The three letters M, X, and V are for flash sync.

25-Jan-2006, 19:00
When I have the shutter set to B with a cable release on it will not stay open. It doesn't even look like the shutter opens at all. Also, I cannot get the letter in the M position.

Lloyd Lim
25-Jan-2006, 19:10
M is for syncing with old flashbulbs, X is for flash sync with modern flashes and V is for a self timer.

From what you are describing, the shutter does not seem to be working properly though, as V should not return until the shutter is released. :(

Juergen Sattler
25-Jan-2006, 19:16
Send your shutter off to Carol Miller at Flutot's Camera repair - she will fix it for $45 - the best deal around and she is very reliable. Her email is: flutotscamera@earthlink.net. No, I have no affiliation with Carol, other than being a very satisfied customer.

25-Jan-2006, 19:28
Thanks for the info. I just might send it off. The only thing is that the shutter was described on the ebay listing as working fine. So I am not sure that I want to do that yet.

Ed Richards
25-Jan-2006, 20:22
Make sure that the lever that opens the shutter blades for focusing is all the way closed. On the 0 Copal, the shutter will do just what you describe if the preview lever is a little out of position.

25-Jan-2006, 20:24
There is no preview lever that I can find. There is a shutter cock, the flash sync lever, f stop selector, shutter speed dial, and shutter release.

26-Jan-2006, 05:07
Small amount of info here: http://www.skgrimes.com/compur/slftime/index.htm - sounds like the same as your shutter.

Bob Fowler
26-Jan-2006, 07:47
Another vote for Carol at Flutot's. She does all of my LF shutter CLA's. Her work is excellent, service is quick, and you can't beat the price. The web page is http://www.flutotscamerarepair.com