View Full Version : Makro Symmar 120mm f5.6 and copal press-shutter

24-Jan-2006, 15:50
I bought SK Makro Symmar 120mm f5.6 in barrel. SK also sells it in copal #0. Does this lens screw directly to copal press-shutter #0 without any washers?

I read somewhere that the aperture placement in copal-press is about 0.7 mm farther from the front than the normal copal #0. Would this affect the lens performance?

Ernest Purdum
25-Jan-2006, 20:52
I suppose that it is a prudent idea to have a competent machinist do a spacing comparison between an original barrel and the shutter the cells are to be mounted into (I have asked S.K. Grimes to do this), but have not heard of anyone having a spacing problem when mounting Schneider cells into a Copal shutter.

In theory, diaphragm location is significant, but I doubt if you would notice a difference. With a few lenses, there can be a problem with physical interference. Personally, I prefer self-cocking shutters, particularly for macro work.

You might find some useful linformation at www.skgrimrs.com.