View Full Version : 120mm Super Symmar HM on crown graphic

24-Jan-2006, 03:20

I've been looking at modern lenses for my crown graphic. Has anyone used a 120mm Super Symmar HM on a crown graphic ? Will the lid close if its mounted ?


Henry Ambrose
24-Jan-2006, 05:17
My 150 APO Symmar just --barely-- closes into my Crown Graphic. The 150 takes a 58mm filter. I think the 120 is a good bit larger than the 150.

Wayne Crider
24-Jan-2006, 20:57
Sorry I don't know about the lens in question, but I did want to caution that some lenses have rear elements to large for the Graphic's lens board opening, so watch out for that. A Graflok back can be removed so larger elements can be screwed in from the rear, but that soon becomes a hassle. Of course spring backs won't allow the use of the larger element lenses.