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Ed K.
23-Jan-2006, 15:53
While certainly color film is in production, it's looking like the days of just walking into the local pro shop to get a couple of boxes of 8x10 color film are at an end in my small market of Greater Los Angeles. This seems to indicate a needed change in logistics for me as well as anyone doing some color 8x10 shooting. My regular store, Samy's, has no plans to stock much of any 8x10 color in the future, certainly not Velvia, and perhaps not Provia. B&H listings are drying up too. And Freestyle has no listings at all for color 8x10. Calumet looks like EPP only, maybe. There are other stores, however their web sites don't seem to indicate whether anything is actually in stock or not, so who knows.

Provia 100F and Kodak EPP seem easy enough to get, although the Provia supply seems a bit limited around town. My trouble is that I really like Velvia 100 and even 100F sometimes for certain kinds of shots. At this point, it is a special order item, with the spector of 20+ box orders needed for Velvia 100. Calumet does not stock much 8x10, so that leaves about one store in Los Angeles for large format color film. A special order from this store takes weeks, not days, with no promises. I may need to find 4 or so other photographers who shoot 8x10 color to group an order together, with the hope of having enough film for early spring.

Two questions -

1 Anyone know of quick and decent procurement options for Velvia 100 and Velvia 100F films in 8x10 sheet right away? 2. Anyone interested in doing a group order of one or both of these emulsions?

Also, other emulsions, even in B&W seem to come and go now. JandC is waiting to get more Efke PL25 adn PL100, with the hope of it being here in a couple of weeks. It seems that anyone desiring to shoot in the late Winter through Spring season should order more and earlier than usual. So far, Ilford availability looks pretty good around town though.

I'm wondering if it will soon be necessary to incorporate a small film purchasing consortium / non profit to keep supplies of film and aggregate purchasing power in the near future.

Bruce Watson
23-Jan-2006, 16:33
What did Badger Graphic (http://www.badgergraphic.com/) have to say?

Mike Boden
23-Jan-2006, 16:42
I purchased some recently expired Provia 8x10 (this month to be exact) from Samy's at 50% off. So right now I've got 150 sheets in the freezer. But I would love to get some Velvia. When I spoke with Felix at Samy's - he's the guy who orders and stocks the film - he told me about an order he placed back in September for some photographer in Oregon (or thereabouts) and it still hasn't come in. So I'm not sure what's up with that. I did tell him that if it ever came in to call me ASAP.

At any rate, I want Velvia as well. So count me in.


Ed K.
23-Jan-2006, 17:18
My Samy's rep said that special orders could have expedited shipping if I'm willing to pay for it. I'm pretty willing at this point, especially if it is just one large shipment of film. What I have in mind, unless someone else has a better idea ( speak up! ) is to collect a half-dozen people together that want 2-4 boxes each, and then with everyone's permission, just have Samy's split up the order between everyone. You can email me privately with your contact info and how many boxes of 10 or 50 sheet you are ready to purchase. I can simply present it to Samy's. I doubt that we'll get any significant price break though, however at least perhaps with a nice sizable order like that, we'll get it pronto enough for emulsion / processing tests, the last of Winter and the start of Spring.

Again - any other options / ideas very welcome, especially anything that could save a little money if that doesn't jepordize the delivery schedule.

While I did not call them, Badger's Internet site said this when I clicked on
the menu:

Unable to connect to SQL server.<br/>
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The above message is just the sort of thing I was talking about with people's web sites at camera suppliers these days. Too bad that more people don't realize how important an up-to-date and functional web site with pricing and stock info can be to make sales.

Kerry L. Thalmann
23-Jan-2006, 17:37
If all else fails, you may want to try contacting your local Fuji rep. I was in a similar situation about a year ago when I was looking for some Velvia Classic in 8x10. I couldn't find anybody that had any in stock (in spite of what it said on their web site). My local Fuji guy (Gary Scott) tracked some down and had it shipped to the local dealer of my choice. I had all the 8x10 Velvia I wanted less than a week after I placed the call.


23-Jan-2006, 17:51
I buy Velvia 8x10 ISO50 now in Japan. But only get one box at a time.

tim atherton
23-Jan-2006, 17:53
Likewise it's been almost impossible to find the new Fuji Astia in stock anywhere since it came out. I had some back-ordered from one stockist and it just never ever showed up.

tim atherton
23-Jan-2006, 17:55
Though I would add colour neg seems a lot easier to find in stock than transparency

Oren Grad
23-Jan-2006, 18:30
Ed, the Badger web site has been having problems today. I ordered through it successfully on Friday and received my item today.

Don't give up on them because of that. If you would otherwise consider purchasing from them, give them a call or send them an email and give them a chance to earn your business.

Oren Grad
23-Jan-2006, 18:34
PS - the usual disclaimer applies - I don't have any connection to Badger other than as a satisfied customer. It's just that when I went to look at their website earlier today and saw how messed up it was, I couldn't help thinking about how frustrating it must be to be in business and have your customers unable to reach you through your main portal.

tim atherton
23-Jan-2006, 19:07
I think most of the 8x10 film at Badger is special order. Not sure how long it takes to come in

Ed K.
23-Jan-2006, 19:55

It turns out that indeed, Samy's isn't planning to stock 8x10 Velvia, however Cynthia at the Pasadena Store orders every two weeks. I put in my order, and I believe tomorrow it will be placed. Film is supposed to arrive in a couple of weeks. If that's the case, then it's only a minor adjustment for now, however I'm getting a bigger fridge. This is definitely an indicator that it is wise to get stuff earlier than usual though.

Eric Leppanen
23-Jan-2006, 20:12

I assume your order with Cynthia was for Velvia 100? I live in Orange County, and may piggy-back on your order with Samy's tomorrow. I'm looking for a higher contrast/saturation film to supplement the Provia 100F I already own. I've used E100VS in the past (Velvia 50 is too slow for me), but Velvia 100 is intriguing (even though it reportedly only comes in 10 sheet boxes).

Ed K.
23-Jan-2006, 20:42
Eric, yes - with Juan and Cynthia, Pasadena store. I ordered only 5 boxes because I wanted to see if I could get 50 sheet boxes. There are 50 sheet boxes from Megapearls, however I think shipping and all that could add up fast.

I like what Velvia 100 does in terms of saturation and contrast, especially for dusk shots and so on with it's lack of reciprocity for most conditions. Definitely not a film for shooting people though. Makes buildings in architectural shots really pop nicely, and is very capable in the reds and oranges without going magenta. Skies are more natural although still saturated. Underexposure gives surreal and disturbing superstaturation. Less exposure latitude than EPP. I find that the E100VS for me gives deep, almost surreal blue sky, however the shadows go so very cool. If Velvia 100F is a slightly more saturated Provia, I'd say Velvia 100 is an easier to shoot Velvia 50, and maybe 1/3 of a sort of Provia feel in it, if that makes sense. I'm especially happy with it when I shoot things that are very rich in color to begin with. In 8x10, the Velvia 100 is amazingly sharp and smooth. I like Provia too as a general purpose chrome. The Velvia 100 is a great partner to it for exactly the reasons you state. My lab processes them both just fine too.

If you haven't shot the stuff, you probably should not order a bunch of it - just enough to see how it suits you. It is avaialble in 4x5 Quickloads - you could test a couple of 4x5 sheets. Too bad they don't just open up a "take one free" box for samples! I'd like that better than the candy jar most shops have on the counter.

Hope this helps.

23-Jan-2006, 20:55
I would suggest asking those who have spent a lot of time and effort telling us that supply of large format film is not going to be a problem in the forseable future.

Eric Leppanen
23-Jan-2006, 21:02
Thanks, Ed. I actually was thinking of ordering fifty sheets too. I'm sure it will be fine for me, I'm not especially sensitive to differences in color rendition for my landscape shots. We'll see what box size they come up with!

David Fisk
23-Jan-2006, 21:25
In addition to Samys in Pasadena, try AIM just around the corner and up a block on Marengo.

Ed K.
23-Jan-2006, 21:31
Nice people to be sure, but no 8x10 in that Fridge ever that I've seen. 4x5 and especially roll film are another matter. AIM is no longer open until nine, and is closed most of the weekend these days too. Gone are the late nights.

23-Jan-2006, 21:44
Calumet in LA has Provia in stock and EPP as well as a bunch of boxes of 8x10 Velvia 50 for 300 bucks. What else do you need?

24-Jan-2006, 09:11
Did B&H stop stocking 8x10 Velvia?

tim atherton
24-Jan-2006, 09:16
"Did B&H stop stocking 8x10 Velvia?"

Yes, along with Astia 8x10

24-Jan-2006, 10:14
What rob said.

Is there an English-language webstore in Japan from which to order Japan-only emulsions? Sure, it would be way expensive, between the yen and delivery, but someday soon such a choice might become relatively viable...

Andre Noble
24-Jan-2006, 11:11
I see out of date 8x10 transparency film in Samy's Fairfax location ALL THE TIME at significant savings.

24-Jan-2006, 11:14
How much is signifcant for out of date film? For example, 10 box of 8x10?

24-Jan-2006, 12:31
Megaperls (Japan) (http://www.unicircuits.com/shop/index.php?cPath=25&osCsid=34fcd282056f4d9fe22a90ce436ea95b)

Ed K.
24-Jan-2006, 12:50
Andre - I never see out of date Velvia 100 (P) not F. Given that these films are expensive, Samy's and others are cutting losses on out of date films. They said they don't make very much on them, and to have to discount out of date by half is a hard knock. They just don't get enough people wanting the stuff to stock it without the out of date situation according to Cynthia, who manages the Pasadena film department. A box of 50 at half off, expiring this month, refridgerated at a camera store would be a great deal. Let's hope that at least one dealer can consolidate enough sales to stock at least a little bit for us.

Ed K.
24-Jan-2006, 13:02
Update 1/24/2006
I just got off the phone with Cynthia at Samy's Pasadena. The status on Velvia 100 8x10 is that Fuji will make it when the order is large enough. I have just commited to doubling my order, and may do a little more than that. We'll need even more people so that the order is large enough for Fuji to manufacture it, and that takes about 3 months.

To avoid complication, I have invited Cynthia to post here with information about how to join this order for spring. If we get enough people together in the next week or two, we'll have this nice film for spring. I doubt that this emulsion will be around in the bargain bin. If any of the rest of you can buy, that helps me because I can't afford to buy so many boxes at one time.

Mike Boden
24-Jan-2006, 13:06
I just returned from Calumet in Los Angeles and purchased three boxes of Velvia 50. I got the last box that wasn't expired yet(05-2006) with a slight discount, and I purchased two boxes of expired film with a date of 11-2005. They sold me these expired boxes at $300.00. Two are going in the freezer and I'm cracking open one of the expired boxes this weekend!!!!!

As it stands now, they still have two more boxes of Velvia 50 8x10 with an expiration date of 11-2005. These have been kept in cold storage the entire time. So if anyone wants them...go grab them.

Furthermore, the sales clerk told me that Velvia 50 is being discontinued in all sizes because of the new Velvia 100. At the moment, she says that there is no plans of Velvia 100 being made available for 8x10. However, I feel that if we all put in the request to not only our retalers, but also Fuji directly, that perhaps Fuji will see the demand and decide to offer Velvia 100 in 8x10. We can only try.

24-Jan-2006, 13:44
Hi - Cynthia from Samy's Pasadena here -
Not trying to go against normal forum protocol and sell stuff here, but trying to help out since
8x10 film is getting harder to come by. So please bear with me while I contribute - I don't mean this to be a bald-faced plug for Samy's.
Here's the scoop on 8x10 chrome straight from our Fuji rep as of today: Fuji will manufacture (and we will stock) Provia (RDP) on a regular basis, although our stock levels will be small since
sales of this format are pretty low. This will be available on my regular stocking basis, and I order Fuji every week or two; assuming Fuji US has it in stock (which they usually do) I can get it
if I'm out within a week or so.
As for Velvia: the 100 is replacing the 50, as you all know. However, Fuji Japan will not produce a run of this film without a large order (minimum 100 boxes). Once an order is placed the production begins, and delivery is expected in about 90 days. Sooooo . . . if you all want 8x10 Velvia 100 I'll be happy to order it, but we need to all get together to make it happen. I currently have commitments from two list members for 15 boxes - that means I need commitment for 85 more. I'd like to see this happen in the next week or so, so that the film arrives in time for spring flower season (March or April?); in other words, ASAP. If we can get all our ducks in a row, the price will be $99.99 per box; I'll need a 70% deposit paid in advance. If the order does not go
through (due to lack of full commitment) then the deposit is refundable. However, once we hit the number and Fuji starts production the deposits will become non-refundable.
If you would like to piggy-back on this order please call me at 626.796.3300 Monday through Friday. I'd like to suggest a deadline of January 30, just so we don't have to wait forever.

tim atherton
24-Jan-2006, 14:04
I wonder if someone who is a bit more of a regular there than me might post this on the APUG Colour or LF forums?

24-Jan-2006, 14:16
Cynthia, why don't several dealers pull together also to reach the 100 box min.? Or does Fuji require EACH dealer to place min. 100 box order? Just curious as we watch the future of color film become harder and harder. I guess 5x7 is out of the question?

Eric Leppanen
24-Jan-2006, 14:42
OK, I put in for ten boxes.....

Tim, I'm new to APUG but I'll go ahead and post a link there to this thread.

WG, The Fuji rep should be responsible for pooling dealer orders. However, since it looks like us end-users will have to drive this order, I suspect we'll have to work through one dealer since we don't have access to the Fuji rep, and Samy's has volunteered. I do know that Samy's is pooling their demand from more than one retail location.

BTW, Kodak E100VS in 8x10 is a more readily available option (it is still in production in ten-sheet 8x10 boxes, I am told, although not much cheaper than Velvia 100), and I purchased some from B&H and Badger to cover my short-term requirements. However, Velvia 100 is state-of-the-art and I'd personally prefer using that film to E100VS or Velvia 50.

Provia 100F in 8x10 is readily available from multiple sources and is expected to remain so. But of course, it has less contrast and color saturation than Velvia or E100VS.

24-Jan-2006, 14:49
Eric, what do you like better about Fuji Velvia 100 vs. Kodak 100VS?

Yeah, Provia 100 8x10 is always good in a crunch...

Eric Leppanen
24-Jan-2006, 15:27

I sometimes do poster-sized enlargements, so even though I shoot 8x10 I like to keep grain size as small as possible (all else being equal one can sharpen a bit more aggressively if need be). E100VS has larger grain size than Provia 100F or Velvia 100. Also, Velvia 100 has better reciprocity characteristics (up to two minutes without compensation, versus up to 10 seconds with E100VS) and can be pushed or pulled (I rarely would push such a high contrast film, but then never say never....).

Lastly, Velvia 100 doesn't cost that much more than E100VS. If I'm going to drive hundreds of miles and get up at 4:00AM in the icy cold for a sunrise shot, I'd like to use the best film available. It just gives me a few less things to be concerned about.

25-Jan-2006, 14:06
As for several dealers ordering and coordinating through the Fuji rep, it sounds like a great idea
except that without a driving force it will take forever for enough dealers to order enough boxes to make up the minimum, and most dealers are not willing to order 8x chrome for stock in large quantities due to the low demand. So, by all interested parties getting together with one source the order is just more likely to happen at all . . . I'm just trying to help you guys get what you need.
cheers - Cynthia

Diane Maher
25-Jan-2006, 17:01
What is the difference between Velvia 100 and Velvia 100F? I currently shoot Provia in 8x10 size.

Has anyone noticed that everyone seems to need a film order just now? I'm not trying to complain as the films are available. I mean we have the Ilford films being offered in lots of sizes, the Kodak TMax 400 being offered in lots of sizes. And now I read this thread. It's a shame that all these film orders have hit us at the same time. At the moment, I've placed one film order (and plan to place another order) for some Ilford 5x12 film. I have two boxes of 8x10 Provia (one full and one opened) in the fridge at the moment, but that won't last too long once spring and summer arrive, I suspect.

Ed K.
25-Jan-2006, 21:56
Velvia 100 is much more like the original Velvia 50. It is more saturated than Provia and Velvia 100F. Velvia 100 has finer grain than Velvai 50, and to me, it looks very smooth and rich. The Velvia 100 seems to be more difficult to find than Provia, as Provia is a more general purpose film. I hope we don't see problems getting Provia too now, however so far, so good.

The Fuji descriptions can be found here:

Fujifilm Web Site - Velvia ("http://www.fujifilm.com/JSP/fuji/epartners/proPhotoProductVelvia.jsp" _target=blank)

I'm worried that it may end up being too late for this order or that not enough people will participate. At least Velvia 100P 4x5 is available at the moment.

30-Jan-2006, 10:50
As of today, Jan. 30, we have 20 out of 100 boxes of Velvia 100 committed to this order -
we need 80 more to make the order happen. I had suggested tomorrow as a deadline so we
could get the ball rolling, but I'm willing to wait till Friday if anyone else is still on the fence.
I had suggested before that you might want to look at this as a purchase of your shooting
stock for the next 18 months or so, but keep in mind that whatever film Fuji would ship on
this order would be brand new, with probably a 2-3 year exp. date, and in your freezer would
last much longer, so maybe look at it as a way to keep shooting your favorite film for the next
2-3 years, or longer? Anyway, call me this week if you want to order - or the whole project
may have to be scrapped. 626.796.3300
Cheers - Cynthia

Bob Younger
31-Jan-2006, 08:30
Well, here's a little bit of news that may encourage everyone to dig a little deeper if they intend to be using this film in 2-3 years.

Fuji Photo to Cut 5,000 Jobs, Slashes Profit Forecast


``Fuji Photo's plan symbolizes an end to the film camera era,'' said Hiroshi Chano, who helps oversee $6.7 billion at Yasuda Asset Management Co. in Tokyo. ``The digitalization of the camera industry occurred at much faster pace than I expected. Reorganization will be a painful process for Fuji Photo.''


Ed K.
7-Feb-2006, 11:38
Velvia 100 8x10 - Update 2006-Feb-07

Thanks to those who ordered with me and a bit more help from Fuji and Samys, the film order will now go through. In order to get it here faster, they may package it in a plain box instead of the usual green box, however the film will indeed be Velvia 100 8x10. There may be a few additional boxes available in the US now due to efforts from Fuji.

Many thanks for the help!

Diane Maher
8-Feb-2006, 10:02
That's encouraging to hear. I may buy a box and see how I like it. I just don't have the money right now either after ordering Ilford ULF film and some 8x10 Acros.

8-Feb-2006, 10:42
I want to thank all of you who contributed to getting the 8x10 film order to go through. Fuji decided to keep a few boxes of the Velvia 8x10 in stock in the US at least for the near future - long term plans will depend on how fast those boxes sell. In addition, there is the possibility that we could work a similar deal with Astia, so if anyone is interested in that film instead we could give it a shot. In the meantime we'll be able to supply small orders for 8x Velvia until Fuji sells out this batch, so call me if you want a box or two. This will be my last posting on this topic - if you need more information you know where to reach me.
Thanks again!
Samy's Camera

8-Feb-2006, 12:49
> In addition, there is the possibility that we could work a similar deal with Astia, so if anyone is > interested in that film instead we could give it a shot.

I am most definitely interested in Astia 8x10. Anybody else ? Tim A. ?