View Full Version : Docter Wezlar 180mm lens

Mikael Tran
23-Jan-2006, 14:33
Does anyone know where i could find the information in regarding to this lens especially its image circle? Docter Wezlar 180mm f4.5. Thanks much!

Michael Gudzinowicz
23-Jan-2006, 14:55
You might want to start here: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/docter-optik.html

If you search for "Docter" (top right corner of this page), you'll find all sorts of information.

Ted Harris
23-Jan-2006, 19:46
Arne Corell who wrote the referenced article also did an expanded several part series on Zeiss Jena/Docter lenses for View Camera magazine about a year ago. You can check there for info. Beyond that I own one and if there is somethingspecific you want me to check in terms of coverage I'd be happy to do so.


Arne Croell
23-Jan-2006, 22:11
Docter specified the coverage as 55°in their literature, which translates into an image circle of 187mm. At the same time their brochures specified the image circle to 220mm (or 63°). Take your pick...
The 55° number is certainly on the safe side and in line with what is expected from a Tessar formula.