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Michael Kadillak
23-Jan-2006, 11:24
OK folks, a year of planning and negotiating is finally at our doorstep as January 30th is the close date of the Kodak T Max 400 ULF sheet film commitment with J&C. The efforts people are making to participate in this offering is truly amazing as reaching into lines of credit and parting with cherished equipment is a small sampling of the creativity interested parties are employing to assist this project come to fruition.

If you have been on the side lines by all means please help us help you as a member of the LF and ULF community by placing your order for this marvelous film at J&C. Kodak has never offered this emulsion in ULF sizes so it is truly an historic event. J&C has saved our bacon with their timely importation of European sheet film in a myriad of sheef film sizes when everyone else was sorting things out in a changing market and for that they deserve our continued support.

The Kodak T Max 400 offering is an extension of this committment from J&C to offer their customers the most robust and dynamic portfolio of sheet films in the sizes that they want to shoot for years into the future. Many feel that Kodak has abandoned them and are not deserving of their support. I would only ask that if this describes your feelings on the subject that you consider taking the emotion out of the process and look at it from a going forward perspective. For Kodak to survive in the future costs needed to be cut. Hopefully these decisions by new management will increase the odds that they will be around for many years. Secondly, consider what very positive things this film could do for your ULF shooting. In this regard as a 400 speed film T Max 400 is in a class by itself.

Ilford also deserves our support as well and they demonstrated their class by extending their order date to accomodate the concurrent order time lines. I will be purchasing FP4 in several sizes as well because I like the film and I want to insure that we all have quality modern emulsions in the future even if it means purchasing another chest freezer.

This is a very critical juncture in future of LF and ULF sheet film that we all need to take very seriously. If we want this product to be produced for years to come we need to send a representative signal to those willing to assess this markets financial viability. Assuming that it is someone elses problem and not participating is not going to get it done.

Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to represent you in this challenging endevour.

Think positive and please do what you can.

Good Light!

Steve Hamley
23-Jan-2006, 11:33
Thanks Michael,

I'll be putting in an initial order for 4-5 boxes 8x20, with more to come I hope.


Rick Olson
23-Jan-2006, 12:15
Hello Michael,

I have added a couple of boxes to my 5 x 7 order to help out.

Thanks again for this reminder.