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Drew Bedo
12-Jan-2021, 08:11
Making a contact print with any paper print technique is straightforward in terms of matting and framing.

What are the options for displaying the glass plate itself? I am aware of the traditional methods such as folding cases and so on. What are the modern methods and materials for displaying an 8x10 or larger plate prepared as an Ambrotype for hanging on a wall?

Drew Bedo
13-Jan-2021, 06:22
While waiting on my first try with 4x5 dry plates . . .my best thought just now is to sandwich a plate in the recess created by two beveled mats face to face.

13-Jan-2021, 14:09
I have displayed plates mounted directly to wood. Including old barn wood that was most certainly not "archival" ;).

For protective purposes, I have mounted plexiglass over the plate using bolts and washers as a stand-off so the plexi isn't touching the plate directly.

This is a rather...I guess I'll call it "folksy" way of doing it, but everyone who has seen it in person has generally liked it.

For more standardized frames/mats, I would probably do what I've been doing with Instax prints - find a mat slightly larger than the plate, and of thicker matboard, then tape a small piece of matboard underneath the plate and that into the center of the window, with an acid-free backer board. This will "raise" the plate from the backer giving it a bit of a 3D look. Then mount inside a frame as normal (if you don't have a thicker mat as I mentioned, the plate will touch the glass - not good. In this situation use a second mat underneath the window mat with larger window dimensions to make the window mat lift off the backer board. It doesn't need to be beveled as it won't be seen. Not sure that makes sense in text, I can post a pic if you want.).

Tin Can
13-Jan-2021, 17:23
Today I ordered Postcard size J Lane Plates

I plan to print postcards and send them

an idea I got from a member here