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Arthur Nichols
19-Jan-2006, 11:49
FYI: an email that I just received from Ilford, for those of you not on the mailing list.

Dear ULF customer,

Please be advised there are some changes to ILFORD's ULF Plan for 2006.
The complete revised posting is available at


In summary, those changes are:

- the cut-off date for orders is now extended to February 6th,2006

- the delivery of film is now expected end-April to end-May 2006

- a new dealer has been added to the select dealer grouping

J and C Photo
800-770-1769 US only
919-783-4133 elsewhere

- other special size sheet film items have been added (all 25 sheet

HP5 Plus 2.25x3.25in $25.48 1629145
HP5 Plus 9x12cm $28.44 1629109

FP4 Plus 6.5x9cm $29.41 1678352
FP4 Plus 9x12cm $28.44 1678361
FP4 Plus 13x18cm $42.26 1678398
FP4 Plus 18x24cm $78.03 1678408

Delta Pro100 9x12cm $32.18 1743472
Delta Pro100 13x18cm $48.63 1743481

Michael Mutmansky
19-Jan-2006, 12:23
I have to say kudos for Ilford on this. They listened to the ULF community and extended the order deadline a few weeks. That is the sign of a responsive company. I hope they are rewarded for their troubles.


Oren Grad
19-Jan-2006, 12:29
They also added the sizes that are still in regular production but are not normally imported to the US. I had contacted Ilford USA to ask whether they could supply any 2.25x3.25 HP5 Plus, and the response was that it's not normally imported to the US, but they'd look into bringing some in as part of the special offer. I'm sure they received other requests like that as well. And then, lo and behold, they actually delivered.

Between this and the addition of 6.5x8.5 to the special cut list, they're sure working hard to earn my business. I'm really happy.

Michael Mutmansky
19-Jan-2006, 12:34

You're right, they are doing what they can to earn the business of the ULF community. I hope they get enough orders from it to make it worthwhile to do it again.


20-Jan-2006, 07:06
I only wish they were offering HP5 in 3 1/4 x 4 1/4!