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Scott Davis
19-Jan-2006, 11:48
You know, in the long run, it may well be 4x5 that remains the sole province of film production, as most 35mm applications are being displaced by digital, as is medium format. The larger formats may dwindle or not survive also because of lack of volume also, but it may well be the dedicated artist market that keeps 4x5 film in production longer than any other format. In any case, instead of bemoaning the loss of another totally undedicated and undeserving company (90% of whose business was conducted in the 3rd world anyway... when was the last time you saw a Konica minilab outside of Southeast Asia or Latin America?), get off your keysters and burn some more film!

19-Jan-2006, 12:05
Forgive me for being a jerk... but this is neither original or radical. Personally, it doesn't matter to me if folks are shooting film or digits. These threads are a total waste of time.

Oh... the proper verb is 'bemoan', not bemoaning. And, the noun is 'keister', not keyster -- although that does sound much more appropriate for folks who write to newsgroups about photography.

Ta... off I go to shoot some film. But, please forgive me... it will be 35mm today!

19-Jan-2006, 12:06
Scott, wouldn't it make sense to post this response under my thread?

If you have been following the recent posts, the scenario you propose is unlikely. 120, 4x5, 8x10, 11x14 will all die the same death when the plant closes. When making sheet film, its made in very large sheets. The sizes they cut it down to is a small issue. The issue is, closing the plants, as Konica has just done, and one of the BIG two has already tried to, and the other big yellow one just announced film is dead from the CEO.

Some planning is not always a bad thing, just look what more planning and thought could have done in the recent Katrina disaster in New Orleans?

Scott Davis
19-Jan-2006, 17:45
WG- you had two separate, but similar "oh woe is me, film is dead and dying" threads. Enough is enough. BrianShaw, yes, you are a jerk. There is nothing wrong with saying Bemoan-ing, when that is what people are do-ing. I was also unaware that keister (or keyster) had since been formalized into Websters with a particular spelling. I'm sure that if you look it up in the OED, you will find it listed there under multiple spellings, none being definitive, since it is a slang term.

19-Jan-2006, 18:12
Thanks... that's the nicest compliment I've had all day! I shot 2 rolls of 36 and had a great time. I'm doing my part; How much film did you burn today, Scott?

Steve Hamley
19-Jan-2006, 18:19

The online compact OED does not recognize "keyster". It does recognize and give the expected definitions for "keister".


There are no results for "bemoaning".

WG is correct about film manufacturing; huge rolls then cut into whatever sizes needed. If the rolls go, all formats go. In other words, it's based on demand for total square inches of film, not what sizes are the most popular.


ronald lamarsh
19-Jan-2006, 18:21
If there is a demand some one will step in a fill it i.e bergger, efke, forte and who knows who else. As far as color goes I think the same thing will happen. Some smaller business guy some where looking to make a living and not billions will tke up the challenge. You can't fault the publicly traded businesses they answer to the shareholders and if you have a 401k,or company pension or some other investment protfolio you're probably a shareholder too. So are each of us who is a shareholder of something out there willing to take less of a return on our investment for what is becoming a niche market with limited growth opportunities? If we are not part of the solution we are part of the problem...right?

19-Jan-2006, 18:23
Actually, it is in Merrian-Webster:



No hard feelings... okay?

19-Jan-2006, 20:19
Hi Scott! You wrote......

> Film is dead.......Enough is enough.

As another thread pointed out, you are under no obligation to read posts you don't like! It seems like such a simple approach, but obviously not everyone can follow this peace treatise. If you have the authority to advise me to not make posts on certain subject matter, I will comply. If you are the list moderator, please advise and I will surely comply to your demands.

Gary L. Quay
20-Jan-2006, 06:27
It seems to me that as long as people demand film, it will be made. Vinyl albums are regaining popularity. If all else fails, why can't we make out own emulsions, and put them on glass plates?


Scott Davis
20-Jan-2006, 13:13
Just to clarify something....

1 entry found for bemoaning.
be·moan ( P ) Pronunciation Key (b-mn)
tr.v. be·moaned, be·moan·ing, be·moans
To express grief over; lament.
To express disapproval of or regret for; deplore: “Tom Brokaw of NBC News recently bemoaned ‘the cancer of the sound bite’ afflicting Presidential campaigning” (John Tierney).

[Middle English bimonen, alteration (influenced by mone, moan), of bimenen from Old English bemnan : be-, be- + mnan, to complain of; see mei-no- in Indo-European Roots.]

(from dictionary.com)

Yes, Bemoan is the proper verb infinitive. Bemoaning is a perfectly grammatically correct way to indicate that someone is in the process of acting out the verb "to bemoan". As in, I bemoan, he bemoans, they bemoan, I am bemoaning, you are bemoaning, etc etc etc. Or are we no longer allowed to use transitive conjugations of verbs?

Scott Davis
20-Jan-2006, 13:17
Another clarification:

From the OED online -

Keyster is listed as a variant spelling of Keister - (it is noted in both instances as American slang)

1. a. A suitcase, satchel; a handbag; a burglar's tool-case; a salesman's sample-case, etc.

[1881 National Police Gaz. (U.S.) 1 Oct. 10/1 Prominent among the small army of confidence operators in this city are: ‘Grand Central Pete’..‘The Guinea Pig’..‘Keister Bob’.] 1882 G. W. PECK Peck's Sunshine 227 The boy took the knight's keister and went to the elevator. 1910 G. B. MCCUTCHEON Rose in Ring 80 Ruby Noakes..was directing the contortionist in his efforts to construct a table out of three ‘blue seats’ and a couple of property trunks, or ‘keesters’, as they were called. 1926 Flynn's 16 Jan. 637/2 All this chatter 'bout keisters with false bottoms an' mushes is mostly pipe stuff an' hopchin. 1926 Clues Nov. 161/2 Keyster, handbag or suitcase. 1933 ‘P. CAIN’ Fast One vi. 211 Hang on the front..until you see three big pig-skin keesters go in. 1935 COLLIER & WESTRATE Reign Soapy Smith i. 2 An open sample case of liberal dimensions..the typical ‘keister’ of the street hawker. 1935 Jrnl. Abnormal Psychol. XXX. III. 363 Keyster, a suitcase. 1950 H. E. GOLDIN Dict. Amer. Underworld Lingo 114/2 Ditch that keister. It draws heat (attracts police attention).
b. A strong-box in a safe; a safe (see also quot. 1924).

1913 A. STRINGER Shadow 36 He made a mental record of dips and yeggs and till-tappers and keister-crackers. 1921 P. & T. CASEY in Adventure (U.S.) 18 July 22/2 They..breaks inter the keester o' the bank safes an' gits away with all the stored-up jack. 1924 G. C. HENDERSON Keys to Crookdom 409 Keister, bars on certain type of safe. A handbag that can be strapped and locked. 1931 Amer. Speech VII. 110 Can we use can-opener on this keister? 1950 H. E. GOLDIN Dict. Amer. Underworld Lingo 114/2 Easy on the soup (crude nitro-glycerine) with that keister or she'll jam.
2. The buttocks.

1931 Amer. Speech VI. 439 Keister, a satchel; also what one sits on. 1951 WODEHOUSE Old Reliable xi. 132 And then they'd leave me flat on my keister and go off and buy candy and orchids for the other girls. 1968 McLean's Mag. Dec. 1/1 His job at Christ the King was defined by Father Mooney as ‘getting people off their keesters’. 1975 New Yorker 10 Mar. 90/2 Just put your keyster in the chair and shut your mouth.

20-Jan-2006, 14:18
Interesting, so very interesting. I'd love to chat some more, but I need to pull the film out of the washer. Shot 8 sheets this AM. I might even have a need to shoot some more later this afternoon. I'm do-ing my part!

You seem to have been very busy too.

Have a great week-end!

Steve Hamley
20-Jan-2006, 16:36
Scott D.,

That's probably the most interesting part of the thread! Thanks for posting.