View Full Version : Shipping film from Japan

Ron Marshall
19-Jan-2006, 07:25
A friend will soon send me some Fuji Acros from Japan. What is the safest way to send it?

Should he put it in a lead bag?

I imagine that the package should be clearly marked as film.

Andrew O'Neill
19-Jan-2006, 08:19
fed ex. and forget about the lead bags. I sent lots of film this way to Canada when I was living in Japan, even after 9/11.

Ron Marshall
19-Jan-2006, 13:22
Andrew, thanks for the response.

Were you ever charged any tax or import duties when you shipped film?

Is there a photo dealer in Japan that you would recommend?

Andrew O'Neill
19-Jan-2006, 15:14
Never charged any import taxes that I can remember. I bought my film at Bic Camera in Fukuoka city. It's a chain all over the country. When I was there last summer, they had tri-x, tmax, polaroid 55, and acros sheet film in stock. Kitamura Camera is also a large chain but I never saw LF film there, only 35mm and 120.
Where abouts in Japan is your friend?

Ron Marshall
19-Jan-2006, 17:29
My friend is just outside Hiroshima. He found Acros for Y1848 for a 20 sheet box.

I like it's reciprocity character for low light work, otherwise TMX is just as good.