View Full Version : Shows you how much I know..Unicolor yet again

Steve H
18-Jan-2006, 11:41
Ok, I am offically done with the unicolor setup.
Today I take my first exposures, and go to develop the film. Something doesn't seem correct....Apparently I have the 11x14 print drum, and not the 8x10 print drum. I had no idea that there was such a thing - but luckly for me I have it. So off to ebay this goes, along with the old film drum parts, unless anyone would be interested in a trade for the 8x10 drum or Jobo item. I have the following:

1 - 11x14 Print drum - complete
1 - Smoothbore 35/120/220 Film drum - Adjustable end in perfect shape, top lid cracked
4 - 120 Reels


ronald moravec
18-Jan-2006, 11:57
I think you can do 8x10 in the 11x14 drum by using the slots higher up the sides. Two will fit.

Steve H
18-Jan-2006, 12:03
I gave it a shot anyway. Basically the 'ribs' on the side of the tank don't have enough bite on them to hold the film steady during rotation, and the film fell upon each other during development.

John Kasaian
18-Jan-2006, 12:25
Odd, my 11x14 paper drum works fine. I can even put 2 oppposing sheets of 8x10 in it through it's a tight fit. With the drum in upright position, are you inserting the film in "landscape" orientation with the 10" wide side being curved it fit into the grooves?

Steve H
18-Jan-2006, 12:26
Oops....Sorry....I suppose it would have been helpful if I would have stated that Im shooting 4x5.

Sorry !

Robert Ley
18-Jan-2006, 17:15
Steve, Don't give up on the uniroller as it can be used to rotate any jobo drum (5 reel or bigger). Using the five reel drum, you can develope 12 sheets of 4x5 in about 600ml of developer depending on the developer and dilution. It will be about $50-80 to get a 5 reel tank and a couple of reels, maybe cheaper. The reels are tricky to load. I use the loader base and that works well for me. Some load without the loader and do well too. The ulternative is an Unicolor 8x10 paper drum, and you can do 4 sheets at a time.