View Full Version : Voigtlander Heliar 4.5 150 mm

Ralf Schuelein
3-Jan-2000, 06:53
I am considering the purchase of a Voigtlander Heliar 4.5 150 mm lens (for a Lin hof Technika V). I'm hoping for someone with experience with this lens. Is it a good lens? Thanks, Ralf

3-Jan-2000, 09:47
I used an uncoated 15cm Heliar 4.5 on 9x12 and 4x5 for 10 years. What would you like to know?

Tim Hicks
4-Jan-2000, 10:44
The Heliar can be a very good lense,as long as it is in good condition. It is a 5 element design with about 50 degrees coverage so a 150mm is fine for 5x4. I assume you are looking at a post WW2 coated Heliar? Uncoated Heliars were made long before that - since about 1900.