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John Sarsgard
18-Jan-2006, 06:16
Just received my View Camera, and it's great to see the improved editing! If others agree, I'd ask Steve Simmons to consider making the film chart a permanent feature of his website, with the rest of us helping him keep it up to date. In addition to the input already provided by others on HP 5+, I would point out that Portra 400NC is readily available in 4x5, in addition to the 8x10 shown in the current chart. And it's a great film! I also thank Steve for participating here, and with such a thick skin!

steve simmons
18-Jan-2006, 08:25
I would be happy to keep the fim chart on the web site. We have already updated it to include HP5+

steve simmons

Jack Flesher
18-Jan-2006, 08:53
Great idea!

Now if we can only get Kodak to stuff Tri-X into Readyloads...

Jim Galli
18-Jan-2006, 09:30
Steve, while you're listening, I've got a request. In your book you've got a very useful chart on reciprocity failures with a bunch of different black and white films listed. You published it years ago in the magazine with permission to copy it and use it. I've lost mine. Wondering if perhaps you'd post that page somewhere on the viewcameramag.com web pages. Some of the films are already deceased sadly, but there's really a lot of cross-over. Maybe someone could update it with Efke, Foma, and some of the other current films we're all getting used to.

MIke Sherck
18-Jan-2006, 10:06
I'm not entirely sure how this fits in to this discussion, but what the heck. Steve, isn't it about time for a new edition of your view camera book? With view camera sales climbing and so much more recent interest, along with all the changes in cameras and materials, your current edition seems quite dated. How about an update for the new generation?

John Sarsgard
18-Jan-2006, 10:29
Thanks, Steve. You're very responsive. Just don't forget about 4x5 Portra 400NC along with the B&W!

Steve Lewis
18-Jan-2006, 14:25
Hi Guys

Whilst I agree that the editing is much improved in the current issue of View Camera, may I suggest a little extra work on the layout? Specifically, I'm not keen on images which cross the gutter, of which there seems to be a lot this time around. In addition, the text flow on page 58 is a little awkward. Still a good mag though!



steve simmons
18-Jan-2006, 14:52
By making the reproductions bigger thet have more of an impact. Keeping them on one page keeps them smaller. It is a judgement call everytime.

steve simmons