View Full Version : Buying film / processing in Park City, Utah

Joe Farrell
17-Jan-2006, 22:22
I am heading to Park City and was wondering if anyone knew of any vendors / labs in the area that I could buy 4x5 film at and have it processed with a reasonable turnaround time (1 day).

On the subject of travel - should I be nervous about putting film through airport x-rays? I know they say it doesn't matter if the film has an ISO under 800 - is that really true?

Raymond Bleesz
18-Jan-2006, 07:07
Joe--Do not know about PC---but not far & in SLC there is a pro camera store---Wasatch Photo

Curtis Nelson
18-Jan-2006, 09:12
Check out www.pictureline.com, also in Salt Lake City. They usually stock 4x5 film.

800 748 8200 - U.S. toll free

Retail Store Mailing Address
pictureline inc.
305 west 700 south
SLC, UT 84101

Alan Peck
18-Jan-2006, 10:28
I doubt you could even get 120 film in Park City. Salt Lake City (Wasatch and Picturline) is most likely your only option. Going south to Provo you'd still be iffy. Some 4x5 film to purchase but no developing until you go further south to Snelsons in Springville.