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17-Jan-2006, 22:06
Help! I am trying to develop 4 x 5 negs consistently and more than one at a time. Has anyone used the Jobo cpp-2 processor for this task. I was going to use the drum that holds 10 negs.

17-Jan-2006, 22:48
I normally process 12 4x5 colour slide films by CPP2 at a time.

Ralph Barker
17-Jan-2006, 23:23
I believe there are quite a few Jobo users here, Debbie (me excluded). If you input "Jobo" or "Jobo CPP2" in the search block above, you'll find quite a few previous threads that might prove helpful to you.

18-Jan-2006, 00:09
for years i've used the jobo drum that holds 12 negs. i use it with a motor base--no big processor required. i had to figure out a few things before i got even development, but now the results are consistent and perfect.

the expert drum that holds 10 negs is supposed to be better, but i haven't used it.

Ron Marshall
18-Jan-2006, 07:18
Debbie, I hand-roll the Jobo 3010 on the $20 Jobo roller base. I fill it with a funnel in 5 seconds, and drain it in 7 seconds. I rotate at about 50RPM, reversing direction every two turns.

Because I use D76 1:1 125ml is required per 4x5 sheet, so I can only process 7 sheets maximum. (With 8 sheets there is some spillage because the drum is horizontal)

Scott Davis
18-Jan-2006, 10:43
I've got a Jobo CPA (junior sibling to your CPP) and the 3010 Expert drum (the one that holds 10 sheets of 4x5). It produces beautiful 4x5 negs. Totally even, totally consistent development. I wish I had had one ages ago so all my 4x5 would have been consistent and even.

Bruce Watson
18-Jan-2006, 11:09
I develop my 5x4 Tri-X on a CPP-2 using a 3010 drum. I've put thousands of sheets through this system without mishap. No uneven developement. Not a single streaked sky. Utterly predictable, utterly consistent, extremely high quality process. What do you want to know?

Paul Ewins
18-Jan-2006, 15:20
Debbie, to add to what has already been said there are two types of drums you can use for 4x5. The expert drums, 3010 & 3006, will take 10 or 6 sheets of 4x5 each. Then there are the 2509 reels that go into the 25xx series drums. Each reel will take 6 sheets and you can put multiple reels in the larger drums.

The 2509 reels are cheaper but I found them difficult to load and I have had the sheets come adrift during processing. I bought a 3010 drum and haven't looked back. As per Ron's comment the maximum capacity is 1 litre, so if you are using very dilute developer you may run into trouble. For 10 sheets Jobo recommend 500ml as a minimum for B&W developers and 330ml for E6/C41.

The processor allows you to use exactly the same temperature and agitation every time. The expert drum is designed to provide the best circulation of chemicals so that development is even across the entire sheet. Using either one is worthwhile, using both together is better still.