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17-Jan-2006, 11:36
Hi. I was trying many a substance in order to hide white specks on a black and white print last night. Strange as it may seem, in an act of desperation, I tried pencilling in the areas using a #2 pencil. Although not perfect, the results were startlingly impressive, compared with the results from using Spot tone. Anybody else do this? The only drawback seems to be a shiny glint when viewing the print at a particular angle under strong light.

Ron Marshall
17-Jan-2006, 11:46
Percy, try a charcoal pencil for less glint.

Ron Marshall
17-Jan-2006, 12:03
Percy, on second thought charcoal is not a good idea, it would scratch the print surface. But an 8B would be darker than a number 2.

Lee Hamiel
17-Jan-2006, 17:34
HB, etc. - can build up the darkness tone to your tastes - just make sure you blow off the residual graphite dust that develops as it can affect the rest of the neg

17-Jan-2006, 18:45
hey percy

you can use pencil lead-dust. it might give you another tool in your tool kit ...
i worked for an olde tyme portraitist who used to abrade her prints and add
dust to them when she had highlights to hot ...

have fun


domenico Foschi
17-Jan-2006, 23:49
The learning curve of using spot-tone is pretty steep, but rewarding when you get at the plateau.

Start by diluting some spot-tone on a plexiglass with water: form little pools with different shades.
Build up the tone, don't try to match it right away, that is cause for disaster.
Second you need a 000 brush a a good quality one too, that will make your job much easier.
It is a great feeling to achieve the result you want with the old method.