View Full Version : Which Nikon Lenses to "Snap Up" for 4x5 5x7

Andre Noble
17-Jan-2006, 11:24
Already have the 90 f8 and a 210 f5.6.

Thinking of either a 65 or 75 sw as the cost vs. Rodenstock or Schneider equvalent is very competitive.

Also condering the 120 f8 SW for 5x7.

Anyone use the 65 SW or 75 Sw with helpful experience to share on their sharpness, performane? Ditto the Nikon 120 f8 SW lens.

Thanks in advance.

Ben Calwell
17-Jan-2006, 11:32

I really like my 180mm lens on my 5x7. It gives sort of a wide, but not too wide, view that I like.

Kerry L. Thalmann
17-Jan-2006, 11:49

I've always liked the Nikkor SW series. I used the 75mm f4.5 Nikkor SW as my widest lens on 4x5 for many years and was always pleased with results. Until the 80mm Super Symmar XL came along, the 75mm Nikkor offered the best combination of reasonable size/weight, good coverage, bright ground glass and excellent performance in this focal length range.

Ditto for the 120mm f8 SW on 5x7 or 4x10. It is a bit bigger, heavier and a full stop slower than the 110mm Super Symmar XL, but it's also about 1/2 the price on the used market and has less light fall-off. Go for it.

If you don't already have them, I highly recommend the 200mm, 300m and 450mm Nikkor M series. The 200 makes a great little lens for backpacking. The 300mm also makes a great lens for backpacking with 4x5, but also has plenty of coverage for 5x7 and 4x10 and can be pressed into use on an 8x10. The 450mm is a ULF lens extraordinaire.

If you like long lenses, but have limited bellows, I also recommend the 360/500mm T-Ed as a nice long lens set for 4x5. Nobody else makes anything comparable for the 4x5 format. The 360 will work well on any camera with 11 - 12" of bellows and the 500mm is usable with 14 - 15" of bellows.


Dave Rodenbaugh
17-Jan-2006, 12:42
Personally, I *love* my 120 Nikkor SW--amazingly bright (don't let the f8 fool you there) on 4x5, most wide-angle lens you can get on 8x10 (no real movement left, though--very tight)...so I'm guessing it's probably great for 5x7 too. Probably the heaviest Copal 0 you'll ever carry (but a heavy Copal 0 is better than a light Copal 3!).


Gregory Gomez
17-Jan-2006, 19:37
Go for the Nikon 120 f8 SW lens and the Nikon 5.6 210 before they are all gone.

John Kasaian
17-Jan-2006, 20:15
An interesting developnent over at Robert White----they're almost all out of Nikon LF lenses which are on closeout. They still have 300mm f/9 M left anyway!

Happy Nikon hunting!

Paul Droluk
17-Jan-2006, 21:13
Never readily available USED even when in production my vote is for the 270/6.3 T-ED, SW90/8 and SW 120/8. I replaced the SW 90 with an 80XL and the SW 120 with a 110 XL primarily due to the XL's smaller sizes. The 270 T-ED... you'll have to pry it frome my dead hands.

Andre Noble
18-Jan-2006, 22:00
I went for the 75 SW. I saw how fast stuff was dissappearing from B&H etc. The 65 did not have glowing reports of the 75. Extra aperture stop over the 90 f8 and additional movements and Kerry's recomendation all convinced me. Am not going for the 120. Gotta be an adult and save for that house!!!