View Full Version : Fuji Film Prices to go Up on February 1st

Ted Harris
17-Jan-2006, 07:00
Fuji announced at the end of last month that it will be increasing the prices of some of its film, paper and chemicals. The most important for us is an increase of 4% to 5% for color sheet film an dan increase of 19% to 20% for black and white sheet film. This information comes from a Fuji press release dated 12/26/05. It may only be available in Japanese bu tfor those who can read it see it at http://www.fujifilm.co.jp/news_r/nrj1454s.html. This is the price to distributors and dealers ... no indication of exactly how much it will impact the end user.

Let's NOT start another oh woe is us thread over their cited reasons ... the advance in digital imaging and the rise in silver and crude oil prices.

Andre Noble
17-Jan-2006, 08:54
"And an increase of 19% to 20% for black and white sheet film"...

I have never shot any Fuji B&W sheet film and probably never will, so no worries there.

Ralph Barker
17-Jan-2006, 09:16
Thanks for the heads-up, Ted. Sounds like it's time to order some film, so as to save a few dollars before the price increase takes effect.

Dave Moeller
17-Jan-2006, 10:25
I'd rather they raised the prices than just dumped the products.

Dan Ingram
17-Jan-2006, 10:44
I didn't even know Fuji made B&W sheet films, and now they're too expensive for me! And I'd probably pay any price for Velvia, so don't tell Fuji. (Oops -- too late!)

17-Jan-2006, 11:03
Dear Dave

Thats the spirit.....we should be happy that there is still varity, competition and mulitple choice for us LF´ers (and also you ULFérs...)


Dave Rodenbaugh
17-Jan-2006, 12:40
Turns out, most dealers already raised their prices on Fuji films late last year, specifically RVP 50 with the release of RVP 100. Adorama and B&H both went up about 13% for 4x5 QL and bulk sheet film. This may be another increase on top of that, or not...hard to say.