View Full Version : Thanksgiving Photos - 2020

26-Nov-2020, 11:24
We went camping in isolated parts of California this week, right before Thanksgiving. Slot canyon hike was fun.


26-Nov-2020, 11:57
Cool! -- spent a lot of time in such a place in Southern CA...favorite family camping spot.

Developed six 5x7s last night. I let the latent images age and mature for two months in the holders before processing them. I am thankful this morning that they have still have images on them! Soon I'll get them on a light table and see if I have anything else to be thankful for, negatively speaking.

30-Nov-2020, 12:10
Just a quick photo out of my door. One of the local residents passing by...

30-Nov-2020, 13:38
We also camped at the CA beaches a few days. I shot 1 roll of B&W film. The slot canyons looked better on digital, but I like this film one: