View Full Version : Filters vs. lens with no front threads

16-Jan-2006, 14:08
I just acquired a 159mm Wollensack, and yesterday finally noticed that it has no filter threads. How do other Wolly users utilize filters? The collar is particularly short, making any sort of slip-on device a little dicey.

I'm standardized on 67mm filters, which are considerably larger than the front of this lens. Maybe I'll just hold it in front with my fingers...

David A. Goldfarb
16-Jan-2006, 14:16
Are you planning to use it on 8x10"? I have one ultrawide that can't take any filter in front without vignetting, so I epoxied a plastic 3" filter holder to the back of the lensboard. The filters need to be kept clean, and it is necessary to focus with the filter in place to adjust for focus shift, but it works without vignetting.

Herb Cunningham
16-Jan-2006, 15:40
go to a shop that has bins of used filter adapters and get a slip on that will slide over the od of the lens

you can then see about vignetting and the like with something you can screw into the slip on.

I have a goerz that has a slip on glued to the od, works fine.

Hans Berkhout
16-Jan-2006, 16:10
place a gel or resin filter behind the lens, pleats of bellows should keep it in place.

Robert A. Zeichner
16-Jan-2006, 16:40
Depending on which version you have, the 159mm Wollensak Series III Raptar will have a front OD of either 47.5, 44.4 or 50.3mm. There may be a slip-on series VII adapter that can be had used and coupled with a series VII to VIII step up ring. Series VIII and 67mm screw-ins are very close and often work together without problems.

phil sweeney
16-Jan-2006, 18:05
I had a filter adapter made like the old series 9. I can use 67mm filters or step from the 67mm and use series 9 filters. Either way I can also use series 9 lens shade. Works for all my lens up to the 24 inch red dot.

seriesIX (http://home.att.net/~shipale/filter_adapter_seriesIX.jpg)

John O'Connell
16-Jan-2006, 18:11
I use the Lee rubber band holder on my 159 Wolly. I slip it on the Betax, but it works.