View Full Version : In Search of Spirit ~ The Fifty Year Journey of Kenro Izu

Craig Alan Huber
18-Nov-2020, 13:21
If you already know of Kenro's work, this may interest you.
If you do not know Kenro's work, it is worth a look, as he is truly one of the current masters.


There are two new books coming out from Veritas Editions featuring Kenro's work, and the Kickstarter campaign has both prints and books available at substantial discounts.

Jim Becia
18-Nov-2020, 17:16
Good luck with this project. (Have pledged.) So I hope it succeeds.

Craig Alan Huber
19-Nov-2020, 12:48
Good luck with this project. (Have pledged.) So I hope it succeeds.

Thanks for the support, Jim! these books will be beautiful (if funded)...

19-Nov-2020, 13:32
Great video - besides his images, I loved the way he was counting out drops of platinum (I assume), even after 20+ years of Pt/pd printing I do not think I could be so easy about it -- and the shield within the tray to prevent the developer from splashing out of the tray (and allows quick easy pouring)...might steal that idea someday.

Hugo Zhang
19-Nov-2020, 13:49
Too bad kickstarter won't take Paypal. Otherwise I would love to spend $75. Kenro Izu is one of my favorite photographers and I have several of his books already.

Jim Fitzgerald
19-Nov-2020, 17:56
The work is stunning. I have pledged as well.

Jim Becia
15-Dec-2020, 07:33
Craig, I was happy to see that you succeeded with this. Congratulations!