View Full Version : D76 powder storage life

Ron Marshall
16-Jan-2006, 12:13
Does anyone know the shelf-life of D76 powder?

Mark Sampson
16-Jan-2006, 12:29
A long time- but the packaging won't last forever. If you see brown stains around the sealed-up part of the foil package, or if you open it and mix it up and find that the developer is dark brown, it's too late. However, if your D-76 is in a can (like soup or beans), it was made before 1974 and is a museum piece.

ronald moravec
16-Jan-2006, 12:30
Packaged D76 is for two years.

I have kept the fixings 20 years in small browns bottles. Metal goes easiest, but put the powder into smaller two oz bottles when you first get it. Tape the lid to seal out air. Narrow a plastic spoon with a file and you can scoop out as much as you need.

A pound takes about 8 two oz bottles.

Twenty pounds of sulphite from the chemistry store goes into old sodium sulphite bottles that used to contain one pound of Kodak sodium sulphite. Paid $4.59 per pound then. How stupid.

20 lb. from the chemistry store is $35 including shipping. The $4.59 was 1970 dollars too.
Borax is Twenty Mule Team laundry addative from the grocery store. $2. 00 for a lifetime supply .

The home mixed is about $3.00 a gallon or $.75 quart if you like to mix it often. I can`t tell the difference from ID11 or D76.

Ron Marshall
16-Jan-2006, 17:11
Thanks Mark and Ron.

Ron, I'm glad to hear that the results are good with the homebrew. I will go that route, cheaper and an assured supply.