View Full Version : Film kept in foil in paper safe - is it okay?

Patricia Langer
16-Jan-2006, 07:38
When I first got my 8x10 in May, I had no empty box in which to store my exposed film, and none was available. So I opened a box of Ilford, and put the sealed package of film at the bottom of my paper safe and concealed it with 11 x 14 paper. Now I want to use the film, and I'm wondering if the foil is perfectly light tight or if the film is ruined.
The film packet has only been exposed to the red safety light when I take paper from the tray, and only minimally since it is under larger paper. Should I go ahead and use this film?

Larry Gebhardt
16-Jan-2006, 07:53
If the film bag is unopened it will be fine. Even if you had it just folded over and taped it should be fine.

Andrew O'Neill
16-Jan-2006, 08:22
It'll be fine, Patricia...and the day will come when you will have to many boxes to know what to do with!

Patricia Langer
16-Jan-2006, 09:15
Thanks guys. That's a relief.