View Full Version : dark area at top of Polaroid print 2

Jim Andrada
16-Jan-2006, 00:49
I received a couple of replies to my previous post on this subject via e-mail and I'm not sure how best to respond to them as there were no e-mail addresses in the response, so I'm making this post.

One was from Bill Jefferson asking to see the print with the dark band at the bottom (would have been the top of the film when in the holder, of course)

I scanned the photo and posted it on my web site at:


As I said in the original post, I saw this problem on several prints from the same new box of type 57 but I had already thrown out all but this print.

The photo was just intended as an exposure test, so it is not of any photographic interest whatsoever!

Bill Jefferson
16-Jan-2006, 04:13
Thanks for your reply, I'm not sure what that band is, Please return it for replacement.

adrian tyler
16-Jan-2006, 07:34
nice photo jim!

Donald Qualls
16-Jan-2006, 16:37
See my reply in the other thread -- you've got a light leak or bellows flare.