View Full Version : another "componon as taking lens" question

Craig Wactor
15-Jan-2006, 13:56
Does anyone know the coverage of these lenses? How about the difference between a componon and componon-s? Are they a good fit for a shutter? Also, has anyone used a Rodagon as a taking lens?

Donald Qualls
15-Jan-2006, 16:11
My 150 mm f/5.6 Componon is a perfect fit in a #1 Synchro Compur. Can't say for certain on coverage, but it's better than a Tessar type.

15-Jan-2006, 16:40
My 300 5.6 Componon seems so be a 6 element plasmat type design, with coverage to spare, but I too cant give you a number. What are you trying to do with it?
I think I would test shoot one on a packard or similar before committing to having one installed in a shutter unless it was an easy fit, and even then you will have to deal with an aperature scale.

Darin Cozine
16-Jan-2006, 17:44
I have a 135mm componon in a old tempor (copal/compur/prontor size #0).
I've only used it a few times, but I was very surprised by the results. I have a 4x5 neg of a womans legs that are beautifully detailed.
Considering they were designed for 2x-12x reproduction ratios, one would think they are ideal for portrait and close-up work. (12 x 5 inches = 60 inches!) The larger ones are only designed for 2x-8x enlargements.

There may be some info on the shutter sizes on the schneider website. But whi I remember is that they go up fast in size. The 135mm I have fits a #0 shutter. 150mm fits a #1. I dont remember about the 180mm. I think the 210mm and 240mm fit #3 shutters. And larger dont bother.

For any of these componons that fit #0 shutters, you can reverse the elements if you are crazy enuf to try LF macro.

I have heard that the Rodagons were not made to fit shutters, but I do not have any rodagons to test.