View Full Version : Agfa MCC replacement

Larry Kalajainen
14-Jan-2006, 15:51
Now that Agfa's MCC is gone for good, apparently, does anyone know of a paper that is very similar in base color, tonal gradation, and emulsion color?

I am very bummed, because I liked MCC better than any paper I'd ever used going all the way back to pre-multicontrast days. I've tried Bergger/Forte, and it's OK, but the warm-base, neutral black combo of Agfa isn't there. I gave up on Ilford MG FB (except for the Warmtone) because I never got the depth of shadow detail in it that I did from the Agfa.

I haven't tried the new Kentmere papers yet; does anyone know if one of them is similar to Agfa? The Tetenal Vario paper was Agfa, so I presume that's done too.


Nick Morris
15-Jan-2006, 15:57
Like you I will miss Agfa Multicontrast Classic. My favoriate paper.

I found that I got very similar results to MCC glossy with Ilfobrom Galiere glossy, which is a graded fiber based paper. I used Dektol for both papers and light selenium toning. The matte Ilfobrom has a whiter base and doesn't seem to compare well with the Agfa.

I posted a similar topic a couple of weeks ago. Search under Agfa Multicontrast Classic and see what others had to say.

17-Jan-2006, 05:33
I have read someone suggest that Kentmere Fineprint VC Warm is similar to MCC but as it is a semi-matt "finegrain" finish, I'm not sure how accurate that suggestion is. Might be worth investigating. It is certainly very warm with a creamy base. I use it whenever I have an image that suits, but I've never used MCC so I can't comment myself.