View Full Version : HP5+ development times

Larry Kalajainen
14-Jan-2006, 15:41
For years, I've happily used Delta 400 sheet film and developed it in my Phenidone/Metaborate/Ascorbic Acid homebrew. (Similar to Pat Gainer's concoctions). Developing time was 6'30" at 70.

Alas, Ilford isn't making Delta 400 in sheets any more, so I'm trying HP5+. I ran some film speed tests yesterday and took a "guesstimate" at 7'30" at 70, and it's as though I didn't expose the film at all. Completely clear.

I'm guessing that the development time must be longer, but does anyone have a good guess as to how much longer? I don't care for long developing times, so I may need to use my higher energy formula which substitutes carbonate for the metaborate, as I do for Fuji ACROS.


Joseph O'Neil
14-Jan-2006, 16:04
Could it be some other possible problem other than development time? I used to use Delta 400 in sheet form too, and I found the development times were pretty close between the two . Completely blank film sounds almost like some other issue at hand.


Jim Ewins
14-Jan-2006, 16:10
I normally develope my 4x5 & 8x10 HP-5 in HC110 B for 5 min at 68. No problem

Amund BLix Aaeng
14-Jan-2006, 16:13
Clear sheet=no exposure...

Andrew O'Neill
14-Jan-2006, 22:52
I use HP5+ almost exclusively. I use pyrocat-HD, xtol and developer you mention sometimes. EI 250 in pyrocat and xtol. EI 160 in phenidone/metaborate/ascorbic acid @ 9:30 20 degrees C. (tray, agitation 5 secs every minute) This works for me. I don't understand why your neg was clear. Did you pull the slide? Did shutter actual open? Sorry, but can't think of anything else...are you sure you mixed the developer correctly, not leaving anything out? If you are sure you covered everything then try it again.